Keeping Up with the...Kids? CONTROLLING the remote before it is too late


Children mimic whatever they observe.

Throughout their development, children find that watching television is an enjoyable pastime. Didn't you love decompressing in front of the screen after school?
Children can watch any channel or show they desire with free range of the remote control. Is this safe?


Parents need to take control of the remote control before their pre-adolescent children become influenced by the portrayal of inappropriate behavior by characters. This behavior includes the usage of marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol and the portrayal of sexual promiscuity.

Do parents want their children smoking MARIJUANA and TOBACCO?

If parents allow their children to view the usage of marijuana and tobacco shown on television programs, children have a tendency to smoke at a younger age.

Or drinking alcohol?

Or involving in SEXUAL ACTIVITY?

Children could become sexually active at a younger age by viewing sexual promiscuity on television.

Before it is too late, parents should respond to the issue and tighten their control.
  • monitor their children's use of the remote
  • set parental control locks on inappropriate channels
  • talk with their children about crude television themes and influences



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