Owl takes Flight on the 12 Holy Nights Atonement with father and mother, owl Omens, and flight to canada

The deva of December have taken me under their downy owl wings, enveloped me in a blanket of tranquility made of the hues and textures of lamb's wool and feathers, and bleated and cooed my soul to re-knit its bridge between body and mind. In my narrative this separateness to be healed is played by my ligament separated right shoulder, representative of the deep wounded soul stream and alchemical gestalt between me and my father, both the biological human being and the core essence of my incarnate masculine energy itself. My angelic mother and her sheep farm in the Shire forests of western Massachusetts set the safe haven landscape of childhood where innocence and esoteric mysteries were first illuminated to me.

I have barely left the Land since I flew in wing in a sling the day before Thanksgiving, my only outing a djedi mission to Bo'Stone to play Alchemistress of gold and Angel of death, and to move through a deeper initiation of Sovereinty and Boundary with my Father. This is my greatest lesson of my life, the exam to Deliver me to my Dharma as shaman, spiritual leader, artist and author. The space I am able to hold with one the world deems dark and dangerous shows me the law of light prevailing, dissolving ostracizing paradigms of fear, violence, and slavery. I observe my father and learn liminality, how to dance between dual worlds.

Now Solstice is almost upon us, followed by the 12 holy nights that walk our souls through the virtues of the zodiac signs and set the course for our coming year. The veils are thin, illusions thick, the mind a labyrinth of false safety. I soften and drop into center. it is critical that only beauty and harmony be welcomed to incarnate at this time. As the days grow shorter and darker, I surrender to a State non-Doing I have seldom permitted myself to enter. I belong to long dream-rich sourcery sleeps, kundalini yoga to amplify my magnetic heart field with mother, nourishing foods, rich conversations with friends who love me, walks in the woods singing poems into haunting notes that appear like footprints in the snow. Sound healing and spiritual counceling with my mother's moon circle sisterhood. I recognize that I am in the Crucible, the void of regeneration, in which all fragmentation and diseases of separateness surface from deep psyche to be witnessed with unconditional love, are given scaffolding of Laws of Light to evolve upon, and are thus transmuted. This is the Place where courage to See the Field as it Truly Exists and spacious grace of acceptance of our humanness allows miracles to move.

As my mother and I pray and entrain with the frequency of family healing, we dilate our apertures and receive the light of paternal love. After a disastrous Christmas of my mother getting angry at her brother with righteousness and three years of not speaking, my uncle and mother speak kindly and lovingly to each other on Christmas Day. I bow to the fire and weep tears of joy as I see the field of love brighten. This is a miracle of Redemption.

And the next day the unthinkable happens. A man named Arnie who has played guardian angel to my father in all his sickness and hunger and homelessness offers to drive him 2&1\2 hrs just to come have Christmas dinner with my mother and I. This is the first time my parents have been reunited in 11 years. I watch in awe as they make salad and roasted roots and a rack of lamb together. I am blown away by my mother's generosity and my father's tactifulness. I know how pivotal this moment is for my mother to see my father's state of mental imbalance without blame or shame, making it wrong or needing to fix. And to have her boundary with him and ask God to provide him with a sleeping situation outside the house. Arnie pays for a nights stay in a travel lodge. I feel a huge burden lifted from my shoulders. And now it is time to step forward on my own life path. I accept where I am financially and align with my operating system of inner rhythm, I know now I do not need to push or rush or hold myself back to keep up with the tribe. I pass on the invitation to Elan's desert hot springs retreat at Eden with the tribe I celebrated New Years with last year and carved my entire year with. I trust that I am with them, that part of me will be drumming and singing in Native American ceremony.

And in listening to the breath, the whisper of my sacral spleen, I walk in wonder through the snowfall with mother. We are blessed with a visit by an owl with looks into my soul and evokes the gift of piercing through deceptions to the source of True Wisdom. I invite its medicine to guide me on my quest, to listen and see from the void of feminine magic that allows me to be in service as channel of grandmother, as wisdom keeper, as priestess of mystery. I hunt and feed with humility, honor, and integrity to the voices of the wind within.

And I prepare to embark with owl-like perception of truth and sweet surrendered serendipity, without contracting expanding expectations or attachments, to a new country, to the mythic landscape of Goddess of Love, of hope, of sisterhood and new motherhood. I receive the gentle yes to fly to Vancouver Canada for the second half of the holy nights, to deepen into intuitive trust and receptivity of the Goddess. I am filled with the smiling glow of blessings, to be in service to goddess and visit with my beloved sister Rosie who is 4&1/2 months pregnant. And also to Swim in the uncharted territories of the Beloved with Bo Garner, a soul I admire and adore as an awakening sovereign being with whom I feel a growing yes to deepen into pure presence, in Sacred Relationship. I sit down on the United flight 2008 and look to the being on my right. I recognize his tones and textures as they filaments of the same light we both share, I recognize his landscape, a place of deep alchemy in the physical dimension. He has sleeves of sacred symbols tatooed on his arms and is reading a book on Orthone Dreaming. His name is Nathaniel Bywater, I have heard of his legend by the name of Strawberry. He is an avatar of conscious community and 5th chakra exaltation. He is a New England born magi, returning to his home in Nevada City, CA, to my beloved mountains and Yuba river. We are on a joyearney to walk the grid lines the song lines of the dreaming between east and west. Nathaniel is a huge realmsign on my path.

I soar above the left wing of a steel bird, gazing above the clouds to a new land, grateful for all that has come and all the lies before. Proud of myself in all the work I have done to heal and feel worthy of joy and beauty, at last able to receive the nectar of divine Love.

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Kundrarose Haroutunian

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