Power edTech Weekly October 26, 2020

Happy Halloween

This week’s edition spooktacular edition focuses on an important Zoom update, Help Center updates, and some information on Google DataStudio. Enjoy!

Getting Help

If you are in need of any assistance regarding any edTech issue, please reach out. Also, I’ve updated the Students & Families help center on gorams.tech/help so you can direct anyone needing help with at-home learning there to get the assistance they need.

This Week’s Quick Tips!

Help Center Updates

This week saw the addition of some resources you can guide your students to when they need help with their technology:

Get Geeky with DataStudio

Google DataStudio is a way to visualize and interact with data from a spreadsheet. From analyzing feedback from a parent survey to reviewing MCAS data, DataStudio can make numbers FUN! Learn more...

⚠ Important Zoom Update ⚠

Some participants (students) have been noticing that occasionally when a host (teacher) shares their screen, instead of seeing the shared content, they see a black screen. This appears to happen randomly and sporadically. The gurus at Zoom have suggested that hosts change this setting in their Zoom app. Read more...

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