GOALS 2.0 By Mark Cruz

One of My one year goals is to Learn more on history particularly war since this is the thing i am most interested in and maybe learn about other countries history and or origins and learn about all the various types of weapons used over the centuries. My second is to maybe go see a history museum and just r eminence in all the culture and various other interesting things. My Third goal would go see a war reenactment since i really want to go to one of these and usually they are really far away. My Forth one year goal is to save enough money ti allow me access to buy my own set of drums since i would love to learn and maybe learn the piano.
One of my 3 year plans is to graduate high school and to obtain a internship at a big company. My second three year goal is to is to hopefully visit another country or go to a major sporting event like the super bowl or the Gold cup final . My third three year goal is to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow i always wanted to do this but never got a chance to learn how to use one of these. My final third year goal is to finally get my drivers licence and be a very good driver.
One of my five year Goals is to hopefully graduate high school them go to a very close community college and go their and then get a well paying job in the future. My second five year goal is to save enough money to go see a World Cup and watch my favorite teams win or loose and hopefully see a world cup final and see whoever wins that. My third goal is to at least gone to another state in the east coast like New York or even New Jersey and maybe see a giants game. My final five year goal is to at least learn how to use a bow and arrow and get into archery.
My First 10 year goal is to become a Historian or at least a amateur one at the most and maybe traveling the country to research history that I yet to understand. My second 10 year goal is to have a normal house that I can afford after community college and maybe even live in flagstaff. My Third 10 year goal is collect as many soccer jerseys since that's one of my minor dreams I would like to accomplish. My Final ten year goal is to be doing a job I enjoy and being able to help people anyway I can.


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