Poem Emelina White


Every snowflake different

Yet, they measure us all the same

Each person is unique

Test us to be a certain way

Molded to be “perfect”

We each blossom from different roots

Our diverse minds flourish

Blinded by our institution

If only we were wiser

If only we understood

Then maybe we could fix

Fix our errors and dumb mistakes

Fix our judgement and schools

Teach kids to flourish here and now

Progress over product

So fix this tortuous journey

A road of hard struggles

We blame kids for not being tough

Not being strong enough

We blame the youth for our mistakes

We expect way too much

And what can not hurt you

Can instantly kill another


Journey to the top of the system

Acting like we are on a mission

Powerless due to the situation

Who would have thought we would be in this position

Poisoned by corrupt and manipulative diction

If only they weren’t blinded by the tension

Maybe there would finally be passion

Monkey cutting to the top

Only to land with a plop

So let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best

We all believe this is a test

Are we federalist or communist?

The lines between the two are starting to blur fast

Resting up just to be a pest

Thus the reason I lost faith

Justice bathed in spite

So let’s build a kite

And soar away from this foolish fight


I understand your sadness

Sorrowful rains that blind your eyes

Empty echoes of past hopes

A candle that’s flickering out

I understand your despair

The love for yourself that was shed

Regret for what wasn’t said

Remorse that lingers on your tongue

I understand your trust

They all say that they want to help

But they just want you to change

They are just playing with fire

I understand your envy

How do they shine so bright through storms?

See so clearly In the fog?

Know how to follow one’s eager hearts

I understand you dismay

Surprised by how heartless they are

They just wear cold lying masks

They reek of dishonesty

Sometimes those who fly alone

Have the strongest wings and soar high


Live for the little things


Rocking back and forth

Safe and sound

The motherly hum of a lullaby

Soft and sincere

A blanket of innocence

Wrapped and tucked

The warmth of love

Endless and deep

Giggles of a newborn

Small and fragile

Precious moments being craddeled in oak

Guarded and remembered

Above the flames of family

Safe and sound


I see you

Taunting me in the whirling breeze

Beneath the shimmering twilight skies

I hear you

Playful whispers that echo through the evergreen

I sense you

In the tumbling fog

Rolling down uncharted mountains

I feel you

In the hearts of those I hold dear

Sparkling in the eyes of all I see

I know you

Lurking around every corner I turn

Down every road I take

Glistening waves crashing on sun kissed sand

Endless voyages

Adventure joyfully mocks with every whirling storm


Would it matter if one star died?

One less brave night light

Fending off the dark

Solar systems dead

Many planets gone

One star has endless potential

People are like stars

Spinning and twirling

Wondering what is

And what is to be

Making up a constellation

Burning with passion

Threatening to destroy

Roaring in the void

Echos lost in time

Solar systems full of unique

Extremely diverse

Hiding and lovely

Flourishing with hope

Clueless to what is

Destined to flicker out someday

Fighting till the end

Till gravity wins

Till we fall within

Set to never rise

Sling shotting across the lone sky

Falling through nothing

Feeling everything

Screaming in silence

Our endless abyss

Our sanity lost in black holes

the end


Created with images by thejaan - "Lost, very lost without a working GPS signal, very scared, walking at night on the Mountainside Intense fall colors, Gorgeous autumn leaf color, View on Highway 80 in Fall, Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, on the Appalachian Trail" • Wokandapix - "leaves fall colors" • Jirka Matousek - "Singapore" • 839646 - "rain window bokeh" • miguelb - "Pam's crib" • Snufkin - "fog forest mountain world" • Toufique E Joarder - "Star trail" • Mendin - "land planet cosmos"

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