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"No matter how many times someone tells me I'm beautiful, I'll always know I'm ugly.'' This quote reminds me,Tally, about Shay because she always says I'm pretty. It doesn't matter though because I will never feel pretty until I get the operation.

Song now playing...

''Scars to your beautiful'' - Alessia Cara

This song is basically about someone wanting to be pretty and compares them to others. This also reminds me of myself. I always compare myself to others that I hope to somewhat look like in the future after I get the operation.

About Me

Hi I'm Tally Youngblood. I'm fifteen years old almost turning sixteen. I live with my mom Ellie and my dad Sol in Uglyvlle. My friends Peris and Shay call me Squint as a nickname. I'm a good person. I think of myself as a trustworthy, friendly, and supportive. I'm also so ready to turn 16. My birthday is September 9. I will finally be able to become pretty just like I always wanted. It has always been the one thing I want to get done. I can finally start my life over. I can start my new life in Pretty Town and meet a bunch of new people.


I experienced my friend running away. When I first found out I was scared for Shay. She means a lot to me and I didn't want her to get hurt. On the day I found out was the week before I was getting the operation. Dr. Cable brought me to Special Circumstances. I thought something was wrong with me but it wasn't me. Dr. Cable said other people were also running away and they felt like shay was going to run away. They were right. Dr. Cable also said that she was keeping a close eye on Shay and I. Didn't think that she was oing to run away because she had me as a friend. So I set out to find her. You wont believe what happens. Read what happens next, next week on my blog.

Interests and Favorites

I have many thing that makes me, me. I love hanging with my friends Peris and Shay. We do many things together. I love to do exciting and reckless things. One of my most favorite places to go is the Rusty Ruins. I don't go a lot because it is some what dangerous. I like to hover board around. An interest of mine is making a morpho. In the morpho I like to make my face symmetrical and customize my face and body as a pretty.

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