Countdown to College

Countdown to College is usually a conference style event consisting of college-related workshops for students and their parents to gather information on the college application process, financial aid, and more.

We have reimagined this event for you with live sessions and online videos on subjects you need explore in your college search. Bookmark this page for future reference.

Current Seniors Give Advice

What went right and what they would do differently

Letters of Recommendation

Most private colleges require 1 to 2 letters of recommendation

Writing your College Essays

Strategies for survival, sanity and success

Out-of-State Public Schools at In-State Prices

Western Undergraduate Exchange

The Nuts and Bolts of the Application Process

Conducting the College search

How to find the right fit

Financing your College Education

Everything you need to know about financial aid, work study and more

Wellness & Coping Techniques

Transitioning to College

Exploring Areas of Interest

Degrees in the Social Sciences

Applying to Visual and Performing Arts Programs

Engineering the engineering application

Access Code: Wj%e9t0+

Beyond Engineering

Alternative majors for those who love to solve problems and create things

What Type of Colleges are You Looking For?

California Public Universities

What are the differences between UC's and CSU's and how to fill out their applications

University of California: There is only one application to complete to apply to any of the nine campuses.

California State Universities: The largest university system in the country with 23 campuses

Hidden Gems- Opportunities Beyond the Golden State

Beyond the United States

Applying to Canadian Universities

Applying to International Universities

The Advantages of Community College

Presentaciones en español

College 101 en español

Ayuda financiera

Colegios Comunitario Locales

Listen to these Words of Wisdom from previous MVLA Parent Education Speaker Series Authors

Thank you for participating in Countdown to College 2021!


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