Skeletal and mucular system By:luke peterson

Skeletal system diagram

Bones:you have 270 bones at birth in your body they help you stay on your feet and they form your face. Remember to eat and drink dairy so your bones will get stronger. Fun fact teeth are bones and they have blood vessels in them

Mucalar system

Muscles are all over your body they pump blood in your body to help you lift things. You have over 600 muscles in your body so exersise to keep them healthy.

Tendons: tendons are a band of tissue that connects to your bones. They act like a bridge between your bones. Vitamin c helps your tendons so eat fruits&vegetables.

Ligaments: ligments are connected to your bones so you can move. Ligaments are tough bands of tissue hold your bones together. To help your ligaments eat vitamin c like Frits and veggies.

Cartilage: their is no blood vessels in cartilage. It prvides structure but not as much as bones. Cartilage is softer and more flexible than bones.

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