Recruit Forum News for and from the young researchers in the Nansen Legacy

The group is growing!

The Nansen Legacy has funding for about 50 recruitment positions (PhD and PD), of which 39 are now employed. In addition, the project funds young researchers at non-educational institutions like MET, and is lucky enough to have a growing number of affiliated PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. All in all, the Nansen Legacy Recruit Forum now embraces 49 young scientists, with many more to come in the months ahead!

Nansen Legacy recruit group (June 2019)

Ready for the Recruit Forum 2019

Thirtyone of the 49 PhDs and PDs will participate in this years' Recruit Forum.

The Nansen Legacy Recruit Forum is a two day event, during which the Nansen Legacy young scientists meet and discuss topics of relevance to their work. The Recruit Forum is also a social meeting arena in order to form a cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary network of young Arctic scientists in Norway.

Webinar series on transferable skills

Multiple forms of outreach and presentation techniques have evolved, and young researchers meet increasing expectations to perform also here. The Nansen Legacy is therefore organizing a webinar series on different transferable skills, with the first two webinars focusing on Instagram and Elevator pitch presentations. For autumn, webinars on Pecha Kucha and Assertion-Evidence presentations and scientific illustrations are planned. The next webinar will be held on Oct 3:

Nansen Legacy intensive course

The first Nansen Legacy PhD course will address "Arctic Ocean functioning" from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course will take place at UiT's field station in Skibotn, next year February 3-8.

The course is open for both PhD students and PD fellows. Nansen Legacy recruits can already sign up for the course by sending an email to Lena Seuthe. More detailed information on the course and registration at UiT will come.

The course is open to all young scientists in the Nansen Legacy.

Communicating science via @nansenlegacyresearch

The Nansen Legacy recruits have launched the Instagram account @nansenlegacyresearch, where they convey their experience as young researchers to a broader audience in English. Would you like to contribute, please contact the leader of the initiative Elizabeth Jones.

Instagram @nansenlegacyresearch

[Title photo: Nicolas Sanchez and Stephen Kohler from NTNU are dressed in full bunny suits to limit the possibility of contaminating their water samples, in which they measure the concentration of iron and mercury. (c) Christian Morel / www.christianmorel.net]