Clay Protoceatops By: Peter


A bush rustles, a protoceratops lumbers out of the bushes. They are not alive anymore, but you can make your own out of clay. Although there are many types of dinosaurs to model, the protoceratops is easy to make and also is very interesting. Here are some facts about it and how to make it.


Protoceratops is very interesting. It is a small dinosaur. It has a sharp beak with small teeth and four stumpy legs. It´s tail is short and it has a large, round, neck frill. Unlike the triceratops, the protoceratops has no horns.It sounds defenseless but it isn't. It has two small openings on the end of its beak as nose holes. It eats low-lying plants and shrubs.

If you look closely you can see that there are two holes in the frill. They were covered up by skin.
As you can see there are no horns.

Getting ready

You need four things to make a clay protoceratops. You need about 1/8 of a packet of clay to make it, one sharpie (fine point), four wooden toothpicks (optional) , and a flat, clean surface. If you want to paint the dino then make sure to get that too. You need to snap two of the wooden toothpicks in half. You are now ready to build the parts of your protoceratops.

Building the parts

There are five steps to build the parts of the protoceratops. First, you build the body. Then, build the head (1/3 the size of the body). After that, make the tail (1/2 of the body). Then, make four legs (tiny cylinders). Last, make a frill (a small rectangle).

Building the protoceratops

There are four-six steps needed to put together the protoceratops. First, put the head at one of the ends of the body. Then, round the frill and place it on the top half of the gap in between the head and the body. After that, stick the tail on the oppisite side of the body than the head. Last, stick the legs on the body and pinch all the parts together. If you want, you can make plants out of green clay and paint the dinosaur to make a scene.

This is what mine looks like.


The protoceratops is a very interesting creature and easy to build. Protoceratops still interest me to this day. Hopfully they interest you too!


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