The earthquake in Chile was huge it was so big that the natural causes broke houses made tsunamis,sinkholes and fault zones these natural causes were not expected at the time. Many people in Chile were not prepared and since they were not prepared hundreds or thousands of people were injured or killed by the water flooding the streets at 20 miles per hour big parts of houses/buildings falling on people or sinkholes that would drop the street into a black hole of nothingness. It's important to know how this monsters earthquake happened and how we can prevent it from happening again. We can help the lower the deaths if a earthquake happens again by making metal houses or concrete houses or making huge glass buildings into huge metal buildings these are some ways to help also making a stable metal building that is almost 90ft-100ft tall can stop people from dieing if a tsunami comes why 90ft-100ft tall you ask it's because tsunamis can raise to 100ft.

These crazy earthquakes happened when the Nazca-Antarctic plate slides past each other like rocks passing each other along the fault when that happens it sends the seismic waves that make the ground shake.When two big rocks or two big plates slide past each other or rub on each other and when the rock breaks a earthquake occurs.There are many people home less because of the earthquake in Chile there are many things to help that but after the real earthquake happens bigger than a 4.5 there is most likely a aftershock which also causes more deaths because no one expects a after shock.There are many ways that we can start building after but the place you live in most likely is gone. Sometimes sponsors or people come to give people medical supplies or they come help them clear or rebuild their homes but otherwise they just build tents provide them with food,water,medical supplies and shelter.

There are also some reason an earthquake can help you and ether people it can clear trees and many things like unneeded supplies. After an earthquake you can also clear things easy cause it taken down and there is more space to build and more places to plant things.I know you're like no why would we want to build more houses and i have the answer the population is growing and there is not anuff space for people moving to chile and ask why would we want to kill plants or the earthquake to kill plants and we plant more, well it's because we would use the leftover plants to build things like a tree we would make logs to build a house.


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