WWI Trench Warfare Survival Guide By Kyrah Leeper

(German Trenches)

Steel Helmet

(World War I Brodie)

The steel helmet they needed to have a chance of surviving in the trenches. The steel helmet is simply made from one piece of steel, leather, and a couple of other little things. This would help them because there was debris falling down on top of them after bombs and things went off.

Gas Masks

(See or Breathe?)

A gas mask is something that if they didn't have they would of had little to no chance of survival. Gas masks would help them in the trenches because technology was getting better and they were discovering gasses to kill their enemies that were long and painful. An example of a gas the masks assisted them from inhaling and dying is "Mustard gas" ("How Mustard").

Pocket Surgical Kits

(A Pocket)

A pocket surgical kit might have saved many lives in the trenches. Most surgeries were performed in the nearest hospitals or causality clearing stations. But in emergency situations, this could help do small surgeries. Like for example a bullet wound, they could have removed it in the field if need be ("10 Things").

Entrenching Shovel

(WWI Entrenching)

The entrenching tool would be critical to survive in the war. They depended on these a lot, to dig their trenches. Without these, there would be no trenches, in terms means no cover at all.

Mosquito Netting

(Mosquito Netting)

The mosquito netting was used during the wars because people were getting disease from mosquitoes like yellow fever. This netting kept the mosquitos away from their face, which was one of the only parts of their body showing. This starts to become less common because now we have vaccines and things to help too (10 Things).

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