Apartheid The injustice acts of segregation and racism; a policy of discrimination against groups of a race.

Apartheid was bad because people of color couldn't marry whites. Blacks had less rights than whites; they got paid less, and were housed in fenced, patrolled barracks.

Living with apartheid was awful; there was so much segregation among races, unfair treatment, and murders constantly. Comparing this to something happening now, Nelson Mandela was similar to Martin Luther King Jr. They're similar because he also had a speech about fighting for equal rights, he was prepared to die for his beliefs.

Why is it important to know about it today?

Knowing about apartheid today helps make connections to the previous events in history that most iconic. For example the protests for black lives, MLK speech, and the slavery acts and laws that once were.

To help with injustices today. we should have more non-violent movements. No riots, no violence but standing up for what's right without destroying property and/or making too much of a "scene".


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