Mrs. Dominguez & Mrs. Lake K/1Dual Language Sunset Ridge Elementary

Mira lo que estoy aprendiendo...

Mission Statement:

To empower and develop bilingual, bi-literate students.

Program Goals:

1. Provide an opportunity for students to acquire a second language while maintaining their native language and culture.

2. Maintain academic performance at or above grade level as measured by classroom grades, common assessments, benchmarks and state assessments.

3. Develop high, positive cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Yo puedo hacer muchas cosas en Español ...

SLD (Spanish Language Development)

Warm up activities:

  • Review letters and sounds
  • Review numbers
  • Count words in a sentence
  • Repetition, Equal pairs
  • Rhythm, Intonation
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Dictation
  • Study of Verbs: Present tense and Past tense
  • Study of Nouns: (Singular and Plural) with Articles and Adjectives
  • We use formulas to build sentences
  • Grammar wall: Parts of Speech
  • Function Junction: Provide a short scenario, students are to provide a dialogue (making a request, asking for help, asking for information)
  • Objects and their functions: Students identify objects and their different functions using vocabulary frames.
  • Four Picture Story Frames: Sequence picture and build a story.
  • Read stories and use thinking maps to retell the stories and analyzed the information read.
  • El Cuaderno de Español, an interactive student notebook, where they can keep their grammar, vocabulary, spelling, grammar wall words, reading, language notes, etc… In other words a notebook that students can refer to in order to use words in both their speaking and their writing. In it, they can use words in a meaningful way, such as sentences or paragraphs.

We Love Grinch Day!!!

Book studies make the world go around!!! Polar Express is always fun!!

Parent Feedback

Parent Feedback

A teacher takes a Hand, opens a Mind, and touches a Heart!

We are capable of amazing things!!!

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land in the stars.

Breaking bread with our friends for FRIENDS-GIVING .

Science is life!! Studying how a liquid becomes a solid.

3D shapes can be found all around. We use food to understand the words around us in math.

Friends make the world beautiful!!!

We love to have parents help in our classrooms!!

Studying sight words, with fishing and teamwork.

Friendships are timeless.

Spanish is Life!!!

Small group reading with friends in Spanish .

English Instruction

Careful consideration in curriculum planning is done to alternate the language of instruction of content areas so that students become equally versed in math, science and social studies in both languages. Language arts for each language also is taught while paying strict attention to the different methods used in teaching literacy in different languages.

For example, Spanish literacy has traditionally been based on a very systematic sequence of learning vowels, syllables, and then syllables combined into meaningful word units. English, on the other hand, is typically learned through a phonological approach where individual letters are sounded out to decode the given words. Other high frequency words (sight words) are learned through recognition and memory. The vast number of linguistic origins of the English words leads to current debates over the best approach for learning to read and write in English.

As teachers, we believe that project learned based activities help aide and deliver strong curriculum to our students. In ELA and Math, hands on activities help students use key vocabulary from the grammar wall, sight word tree and focus wall.

Nos encanta leer en Español

Thank you...

Mi corazón late en dos idiomas... somos bilingüe

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