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The first week of April brought devastating and amazing news for us.

On Monday, April 2nd, DIF, Mexico’s child protective services, removed the children from our home because we have not obtained our license of operations. Our staff called that day “the worst nightmare.” DIF did not close our home; they temporarily relocated the children to licensed orphanages until we obtain our license. It was a heartbreaking day.

Of the 130 orphanages in Baja California, only about 30 are licensed because it is such a complicated, expensive process. DIF is pushing to close orphanages that are not about to qualify or are not making enough progress.
"I will pray for all of your children . . .that they are well cared for until they come back." Christine F

A temporary setback

We have encountered several obstacles that have significantly delayed obtaining our license.

  • The first is a lawsuit brought against our former contractor by one of his employees. The lawsuit named the orphanage as a co-defendant; by Mexican law we had some responsibility. We have now settled.
  • The second is that we have had several issues with our former contractor’s work; we are now dealing with a new contractor.
  • Third, we did not have adequate funding to complete the construction work needed to obtain the license.
  • Finally, we have been going through a slow legal process to get the orphanage’s land properly registered. We started this tedious five-part legal process back in 2016.
Praying that God's hand is" seen throughout this . . . that the children are returned according to his purpose." tiffany w

The amazing news: Proof that God has a plan for us

On Thursday, April 5th, three days after the children were removed, a generous family, long-time friends, contacted us. They knew that we were lacking funds to complete our construction updates. They shared that they were giving $50,000. This donation is amazing and means that we may have enough to complete the construction updates. This demonstrates God’s timing and how He is working to bring the children back.

"I'll be praying for God's guidance for all." Moira B

We truly need your help

Thanks to the generous $50,000 gift, our new contractor has resumed construction. El Sauzal Foundation has reallocated funds from several dedicated orphanage accounts. The orphanage staff have implemented every cost-saving measure they can, specifically with food, electricity, gas, and water. We need to maintain fully-trained staff to receive our license.

There are still some fees to obtaining our license of operations that we don’t have an estimate for, including the cost to perfect the title for our land. Erika, our administrator, has worked fervently to determine estimates for these costs but has been denied information by the offices involved. The unknown expenses include:

  • Notary fees to appraise our property to perfect the title of land
  • Taxes owed for land
  • Fee to apply for operating license

We also had several unexpected large expenses, such as the settlement with the former contractor’s employee in January. These have drained our funds so we have no reserves. The amount we receive monthly from you, our donors, is barely enough for the orphanage’s monthly expenses. Our finances are extremely tight!

Currently we need about $15,000 for items we know the cost of. Add to this the unknown expenses. We truly need your financial support and prayers.

"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." -Romans 8:28

Our home is (and always has been) in God's hands

Having served God’s beautiful children for over 50 years is testimony that our orphanage is in God’s hands and not ours. God established our home and we strongly believe He is not ready to close it. He has a plan to use this challenging situation to strengthen our orphanage. It will be filled with children again once we meet the numerous governmental requirements and receive our license of operations. We are working aggressively to obtain the license, and we believe that children could start returning later this summer.

With your financial help and prayers, we can fulfill the requirements and bring our kids home more quickly.

How you can get involved

  • Pray daily that we will obtain our license of operations as soon as possible. Pray that God will continue to bless us with what we need to get the license - encouragement, wisdom, and funding.
  • Share our need—at your church, at work, and with friends. You can find us on Facebook and Instagram and share that way also.
  • Give as God leads you.

Mailing address: El Sauzal Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 154, Auburn, WA 98071-0154

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