Village of Pulaski My local goVernment

A map of my local municipality.
Throughout the village of Pulaski website I went through some issues that have been taking place in the past year or so. Issues that I have found were police station add on, fixing streets/ adding new ones, new times for Halloween,and a new 2017 police car. The issue I'm going to be covering is a new 2017 police car. My local government got a new 2017 police car. I do not agree with this because I don't understand why our little village needs a big new fancy car. I think a better solution would have been to get a used car that would work just as well as a new one for a fraction of the price.
Assumption BVM church and school
Municipal building- 585 E glenbrook Dr, Pulaski WI 54162
Pulaski High School

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