Portfolio English Adv. 2 SOfia zenteno


I really liked making videomas because it is dynamic and we learn making fun stuff. It can be a little bit difficult because of the work you put on it but it's worth it, even you can show others what you can do


This activity was actually funny because everyone was like "oh this is so difficult!!! How are we going to do a story of only 55 words??" To write a story o f only 55 words sounds something so easy but it is not because you need to be very precise on what you're writing this about.


I think this activity was one of the most funniest because we were matched up in teams and we all had a name for each team. The there were new words that we needed to define and that was like a game with new stuff.


This was a interesting activity because we had the chance to search for new things like where do Mexican food has started or to know about something in history that we didn't knew about before.


I liked this activity because we learned how to use three words like one verb. Like the activity says, this are the most natural and common verbs that we use to communicate with others. Like for example: Oh no, we’ve run out of coffee! I’ll go and get some from the corner shop.


This activity was interesting because we got to know about words that can be combine to make a compound noun and when you do it they have another definition. Also, I liked it because we got to do our own sentences to use compound nouns. For example: The city has a bypass , which keeps traffic out of the centre.

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