My Portfolio Tsighe Gessesse


I don't remember much from this project. I know this was the first thing we did and I didn't struggle to complete it. The only thing I struggled with was trying to flip the bacon in the right way so that it stick out of a certain side. I simply asked the teacher and got the answer I needed so I moved on.

This project was harder than the one above. We had to put a lot of detail into it to get the hairs on the bear to look real. But other than that it was good we just had to come up with the cartoon to interest people and when I saw the kids I imagined meme faces and it seemed funny to me so I stuck with it.

The crab was terrible for me. We had to really try to get every little hair on the crab and when I finished I didn't want to just put it on the beach because that would be basic and boring. So I was thinking of that episode of Family Guy and I tried to put the crab in his hands but it came out all blurry and I didn't know why so I left it like it as is. It's not my best work.

For this project we had to outline the building with the ellipse tool and I did at first but then it took to long so I just finished it off with the selection tool. It came out not too bad but it could have been better if I took my time with it. But I still like the way that it came out.

I liked this because it showed me how to use specific tools to make someones face look better. I always wondered how hard it was for editors to edit the pictures on the school pictures. I really like this project because I believe it will help me in my future.

This was a pretty fun project. I got to make this guy look like an alien and now I know how to do just that. So I can get a bunch of picture of my brother and do the same to him and put it up all other that house when people come over so that they know who he really is.

I am terrible at coloring. I always go outside the lines and it looks like a mess. This allowed me to color without having to really worry about the colors going outside the lines and plus there is an undo button which make my life sooooooo much easier. I really like this because it was fun and people will think I am really good at coloring.

This project was the funniest design that I have done so far. It came to me while I was watching a tv show. In the beginning they showed a quote about god vs the devil and I came to school the next day and we watched a video with a lot of animal/human portraits. so I decided to make it good vs evil and because I don't like cats, I made them evil.

This flower wasn't to hard to make but it isn't the best. I really liked the picture though.

This project was the worst of them all, not because I didn't like it but because it took forever and there were so many problems that I stumbled upon when I was trying to make it. It came out pretty good though. I'm glad I stuck with it.

This project was pretty time consuming but it came out looking good and I learned new things like how to skew shapes to make them fit my preference. I didn't want to do an animal that would be hard to draw so I chose a squirrel which wasn't to hard.

The pattern one came out really nice but the process wasn't. I was stuck, I couldn't think of anything. So I sat and stared at the screen trying to think of ideas but I couldn't. Finally I thought I should choose a topic, so i chose animals and then I narrowed it down to an elephant. After I drew the elephant I thought it needed a little more so i added a flower and then I thought it looked good so I added a gradient to the background and finished.

For the snowboard I liked the geometric designs. So I wanted to do a wolf and I chose the bunny too because wolves eat bunnies and it would look cool with a geometric design. Then I needed a moon for the wolf to look up to. so I traced one and put trees in it.

I wanted to do a donut truck but that was to simple so I decided to make a donut waffle truck and that just seemed like the greatest idea to me at the time. As I was trying to make it it was hard to find a donut waffle because its not very popular yet. I stuck with the idea because it was too late to go back and it was still a good idea to me. So I continued with it and i'm glad I did because it actually came out pretty good. It is also a unique idea.

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