My Experience at "The Divine" By Jared grigas

The Spatial Experience: Walking into Constans Theater was not an entirely novel experience for me, as I had been there once before for a play. However, it is still an impressive venue, and the play's backdrop was particularly impressive. While obviously not comparing to the sheer magnitude of any Broadway counterpart, the smaller theater serves its purpose effectively. The smaller theater actually fit quite nicely I felt, with the lengthy monologues and cramped settings of the play (dressing rooms, small boarding school, etc.)

The Social Experience: I showed up at the play alone, but found a couple friends already there and sat with them. My friend enjoys dissecting works such as this, which helped to highlight the play's strengths, while poking holes in the plot, whenever applicable. Afterwards, we were able to discuss the play at length. While everyone's interpretation of "The good life" may be different, shared experiences such as this one help to weave a common thread and balance uniformity with individuality.

The cultural and intellectual experience: The only prior knowledge I had regarding the themes and topics of the play were through similar works. However, the play certainly established its own sense of self. While seemingly existing within a more aged time period, the theme of rebellion is certainly timeless, in this case rebellion against the church, attempting to smother the arts. Timeless themes such as this give the play a powerful experience for its viewers.

The emotional experience: I found the play to be quite powerful, personally. While some may argue that the play was guilty of shameless self-promoting (A play defending the importance of plays to the arts), I found the themes and revolutionary undertones to be quite an experience. The actors did a strong job of portrayal, and all in all, the play was a powerful and novel experience.

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