Meet Mrs.Wolfe

Mrs. Wolfe (Kelly Wolfe) is an 8th grade science teacher at Troy Junior High School.
What her teaching style consists of: Instruction, developing curriculum, building relationships with students, assessing, grading, professional development, organization, discipline
Mrs.Wolfe looks to Mrs. Rowers for support and help with IEP students, Mr. Racey with sharing materials.
She must teach the curriculum adopted by the Board of Education, Mrs. Wolfe keeps a Calendar she made to make sure she is hitting all the major points.
Its very important to have good organization, people skills, and you must know the content your teaching and the higher the grade the more important this is! Confidence is key and being outgoing is a good trait to have as a teacher. You must learn to use verbal/nonverbal communication, listen to the students and keep conversation by asking open ended questions.
Mrs. Wolfe's dad was a principle so she somewhat understood what she was getting herself into, but Mrs. Wolfe wishes that before she became a teacher she would have known how much national agendas and laws dictate and change everything you do.
To become a science teacher you must have a 4-year degree, OEA for content area, apply to state for licensure, most districts want you to have 5 years of schooling.
Mrs.Wolfe enjoys the relationships she has the opportunity to build with her students, and the impacts that she sees on her students later down the road. Although Mrs. Wolfe does wish she had more help in regards to disciplining her students, and wishes more responsibility was put on the parents to help their children, she would not trade her job for anything in the world!!


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