Human Nature BY:Jonny Harden

Humans have been on Earth for million billion years and it’s pretty much out of luck. We now only rely on humans to make things, like food, and shelter, and being able to learn it's all because of humans. On the scale of 4 billion years of life, humans are the only creatures to pass down and learned information across generations. When you look back in the far past there wasn't school to teach you all the things we know today.

Everyone has learned in school that the reason we are here is because of our late ancestors the chimpanzees. “The closest relatives to the modern humans are chimpanzees. The reason for this is because studies have shown that humans genes are closer to theris than to any other big apes or animals.(Big History Project)” When I look at a chimp I would never in a million years think that I have any relation to that, but with doing further research i’ve learned that “About 98% of our genes are the same as the chimpanzees. (Big History Project)” Which surprise me even more because the genes from your parents make you look like them and have somewhat of a resemblance, but humans look nothing like chimps we look like humans. According to the Big History Project “Modern humans and chimpanzees both have evolved from a common ancestor, this common ancestor lived about 5 million years ago when the lines split. Humans seem to have changed more since the common ancestor than chimps have. People think this because humans are in a changing environment also that humans have added cultural evolution and most chimps stay in the same environment their whole life.”

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