Dream Girl In Pink Clouds

“It was only just a dream series"


A series centering around a main character named Scott.

He is the initial main character with the initial main story. He is a young man in his early 20’s who has lost everything and doesn’t know which direction to turn. He feels helpless and very alone. One night he has a dream and meets the girl of his dreams. Literally. He has a fun night floating around in Pink Clouds and awakens a whole different person.

Then begins his journey through life in a new direction with an improved outlook on life and a new personality. His new personality rubs off onto others and branches out like a butterfly affect changing his whole world around him leading him to becoming president of the United States.

The side stories are of the people around him who he has affected by running into and telling his dream story to. He affects these peoples lives in certain ways simply by crossing paths with them. They have dreams of their own then turn around and pursue different lives leading to their own happiness. They also end up helping Scott either on purpose or by accident to get to where he needs to go and complete the master story. The individual dreams and journeys match up so closely its like they are the same story. Moving as one towards the same goal. Happiness and inner peace.

The overall main story is how his road to presidency came to be and how narrow it all was. After he becomes president he changes the world and brings everyone with him into a new phase in time~

The point of the side stories is to show how in order for Scott to make it to the top and bring everyone along with him completing his personal story and the master story which directly involves all of them. Just as important and necessary side stories had to go on all around in order for the whole thing to fall into place. If all the side stories didn’t narrowly fall into place by random chance the whole thing wouldn’t have. Like it was all meant to be or part of a higher plan.

These side stories could branch out like a tree going on forever from side character to the next. Even onto the side characters side characters so on and so forth. The point is if all the stories didn’t work out the way they did the whole story wouldn’t have formed the way it did. So the whole world and everyone was equally necessary and important. Like a puzzle, if one piece is missing the whole can’t form. In order for the pieces to form into place, first they have to take shape themselves.

Its called it was only just a dream book series because every ending will end in: It was only just a dream.

*The Dream Girl In Pink Clouds*

Scott is a young man who just hit rock bottom. He lost his job, his girlfriend left him for another man, and she even took his dog.

He had to move back home and has absolutely nothing going for him. No money no friends and no respect.

He also feels that nobody understands him not even his own family. Deep down he knows he’s a genuinely good person who wants nothing else than to make a difference in this world. He feels lost and thinks life has been unfair to him and now he feels more alone than ever.

He’s also distressed about the world and all the worlds problems so much so he feels it internally.

He’s basically a walking ball of problems with no direction to roll.

One day everything changes when he falls asleep and meets the girl of his dreams. Literally. A perfect Dream girl. Everything he could ever want and more.

He feels the unconditional love radiating outwards from her and feels that she loves and knows him as well as he loves and knows himself.

They float around in Pink Clouds and have a night full of wonder and mystery together with absolutely no limitations. It could only be described as a glimpse of heaven.

He awakens a completely different person and the story only begins!

"Scott, Scott wake up!"

"What" replies Scott.

"It’s 12 O’clock its time to get up you can’t sleep all day again," replies his mother.

"Sorry it’s not like I have anything I need to do today anyways,” Scott says as he sits up in bed.

"Look I know you lost your girlfriend and are going through a hard time right now but you can't just let yourself sink,” replied his mother.

"I know, I know, its only been about a week give me a break" he responds.

"I understand just saying," she says walking out of the room, "Try to get something done today".

Scott rubs his eyes beginning to wake up. He looks over and sees a picture of his ex girlfriend and dog playing together at the coast. A tear begins to roll down his left cheek. He turns back around, tosses his head in the pillows and goes back to sleep.

"Scott, Scott, wake up", Scott hears a faint whisper, "What!" he says as he sits up expecting to see his moms face trying to wake him up again.

To his surprise he see's nothing and no one. He is waking up on the floor of what can only be described as some sort of giant mall.

Scott realizes he’s not in his bed or at his house. He’s also not wearing the same clothes and feels a little funny.

Soon he puts two and two together and realizes he is in-fact dreaming.

He begins to look around at the mall around him and at his own arms and legs. He can walk but it takes a little bit of work.

He feels really euphoric however and is in a state of wonder. He starts to laugh to himself feeling very strange almost like he's out of his body and weightless. He begins to look around and starts to explore.

As if out of no where, suddenly there is a lot of people walking around. In fact it is incredibly crowded. Everyone seems so busy and chaotic. As if they are all fighting with each other over shopping items and what not. He see's a movie theater on the right and a grocery store on the left. He looks down the hall behind him which is huge and looks as if it goes on for miles.

He starts to walk around and ends up bumping into person after person.

Normally when Scott has dreams he has nightmares about his ex. Such as trying to talk with her and she refuses to listen etc. He's worried of seeing her and is trying his best to block her out.

He is so aware of the fact he is conscious while dreaming it begins to freak him out and he begins to wonder why he is in a crowded mall. Which is only growing more and more crowded by the second and people are starting to bombard him while giving him strange looks. So much he begins to run.

He turns towards the never ending hall and books it. Feeling held back by an invisible force he does his best taking step after step. Suddenly he see's a door swing open on the left. It looks like sunlight or sunshine is shinning or radiating out of it.

The door is about to close, Scott runs as fast as he can and in a last ditch leap of faith in what seems like slow motion, manages to grab the handle and pull himself through slamming it shut behind him, locking all the people out.

Scott is facing the door but doesn’t have to turn around to realize he is not in the same environment anymore. He feels a warm tingly sensation on the back of his neck and suddenly all his worries literally melt away and he feels incredible. He is engulfed in a warm light and a radiating golden aura. He turns around and finds himself floating on top of clouds which span out into forever. He looks back and the door and mall are completely gone. Just never ending clouds spanning into forever in all directions.

The clouds are a fluffy pink however and look like a soft blanket of cotton candy. It smells like cotton candy as well and the sky is a cool HD purple with bright shining stars. Although he might be dreaming he has never seen such a crystal clear night sky before. It so clear he has to even rub his dream eyes and do a double take. The moon is huge and full and appears to have a silhouette of a beautiful girl on it. The way he feels, how beautiful everything is and where he's at. He feels like he's not in a dream as much as in another universe entirely.

He takes a step out and realizes he can actually walk on the clouds. Since he knows he’s dreaming he figures: I should be able to fly right? So he attempts flight but ends up just bouncing around on the clouds which he finds to be just as fun.

Off in the distance he hears what sounds like a girl jumping on a trampoline. Like someone is having a really good time. A bunch of laughter and giggles.

He narrows down the sound and jumps in the direction around some fluffy pink clouds which form a massive lion looking up into the night sky.

He turns the corner to see the most beautiful sight he has ever seen in his entire life one of which would make the HD sky look boring.

He see’s a stunning and incredibly beautiful girl jumping up and down on the clouds all by herself. Having the best time in the absolute universe all alone with not a care in the world. Scott found this so beautiful a dream tear began to roll down his right cheek.

Her hair flows so perfectly as she jumps up and down and she radiates the brightest shining aura you could imagine. Her laugh is that of which could melt you and bring you to your knees.

She has flowing beautiful hair and is completely indescribable. Scott stumbles actually being brought down to his knees and again has to rub his dream eyes and do a double even triple take.

She stops bouncing and at the top of her last bounce floats gracefully down towards Scott over the clouds. In what could only be described as slow motion magic. The air around her seems to hug and embrace her as she gracefully floats through it. Almost like she's swimming through the sky in complete peace. Scott also notices an incredible sense of power in her as well, like a perfect balance. The strength he feels coming from her is the strongest power he has ever felt in his entire life, it feels like the power of true love.

Scott can see the air itself moving around her like energy. As if the air is carrying her like a feather. Like she herself was a part of the air. He has never seen someone before looking so calm and at complete peace with the themselves and the universe.

"Hi" Scott manages to quietly meek out, after shaking himself awake from his trance. "Who are you?" he asks.

She doesn’t say anything she just reaches both hands out to grab his and gives him the sweetest smile he has seen since him and his ex girlfriend first got together.

Scott feels he's in the presence of a true angel and grabs her hands in complete trust, while smiling back looking right into her eyes. The most beautiful deep eyes you could ever imagine, like the definition of compassion and intelligence. She looks incredibly sweet, strong and sharp all in one. Her eyes are so mysterious its like a whole universe exists behind them. He feels like she knows him even better than he knows himself.

Suddenly as if they were in an invisible bubble free from friction or the laws of physics, they are now hurling at what seems to be a million miles an hour over the top of the clouds. They are going so fast they literally go all the way around the entire world and end up in the same exact place they started in.

Using his left hand she reaches down and swipes the clouds beneath their feet clearing them out of the way so they can see down to the surface of the earth below.

Scott looks down to see what appears to be a very crowded and industrialized, rather chaotic looking world. Really smoggy dark and gray.

She reaches for his hand again. He grabs hers and in an instant they are whisked away in an invisible orb barrier. They go all the way around the globe again this time sideways.

They come a stop in the same place again, using his right hand this time she swipes away the clouds to reveal the surface world below. This time as he looks down he see's golden cities and what looks like a paradise down on earth.

He see's future technologies such as unrecognizable flying crafts. The vibes he is feeling are amazing and he wants to go and explore.

She grabs his hand and pulls his attention towards her. He looks her in the eyes. Scott is entranced yet again by her. She's still not saying anything but it looks like she is trying to tell him something with her eyes. They have a very serious look within them.

She goes in and gives him a kiss. They share the sweetest softest kiss truly that of an angel.

He opens his eyes he finds himself standing alone on a mountain peak.

The wind is blowing and it is cold. He is right at the very tip of a mountain in the rain forest. The clouds are blowing briskly right at his level and incredibly fast.

The wind speed starts picking up. The mountain top is mossy and slippery, he does his best to stand his ground and face it head on. Knowing he's in a dream he tries not to have any fear. Its hard to see with the wind blowing so fast and the clouds shrouding him.

Suddenly he starts to slip and a huge gust of wind and mist blows him off edge. He looks out and see’s a rope hanging in front of his face for a split second but doesn’t react or think anything of it.

He then finds himself falling for what seems to be hundreds of feet down into a layer of clouds below the mountain peaks. Whoosh, suddenly he's back at the top of the mountain with a second chance, he see’s that same rope hanging in front of his face. Without thinking he reaches out and grabs the rope this time saving himself from getting blown off the edge and falling. So now he's just hanging there.

Being ballsy and wanting to see what happens when he lets go he releases and jumps head first preforming a perfect swan dive into the unknown.

He finds himself diving though the clouds for about 500 feet before emerging out the bottom. He is now surrounded by a bright sunset orange color and see's a bright orange glistening ocean beneath him. Lit up by a beautiful sunset off in the distance. He looks up while diving and there is no clouds or mountain peak to be seen.

He’s swan diving into the middle of the ocean with nothing around him for miles. He see’s one lonely sail boat off in the distant horizon. As he gets closer to the surface of the water it appears so calm and clear it perfectly reflects the orange sky above him.

Like a spear and a 1000 yards later, at the speed of a bullet he dives perfectly into the water beneath him leaving only a small splash or ripple behind.

Once under water that high dive brought him very deep down almost to the bottom where he can see everything. The water is crystal clear and everything seems to glow. He hears what sounds like crystal vibrating, like a champagne glass.

Like the water is singing to him. There are sea turtles, sea horses, fish and dolphins all around. The sea is filled with life, noise and the sound of playful happy creatures. Everything seems so beautiful and the water is easier to swim through. He forgets he's under water and continues to breath anyway.

He begins to look around for that girl, and just as he thought about her there she is. Diving right in the water above his head. Only this time she is a mermaid. Scott looks down and realizes he too is now a merman as well.

They both let out big smiles and laugh as they swim towards each other. They grab each others hands and spiral around as they swim freely among the fishes.

Everything seems so perfect. There is a large bellow and a giant humpback whale comes swimming up looking as if it has a huge smile on its face as well. Scott and this mystery girl

swim circles around the whale and they all seem to be playing together.

Everything seems so happy and Scott feels like he's in heaven.

Suddenly it gets quiet and everything stops.

Scott looks up to see her girl frozen in place looking down at something. Scott looks in the same direction and sees a sunken fishing ship. The strange part is the ship itself is trapped in a giant net and people are trapped in it under water trying to get out.

Scott starts to look around and see's huge, incredibly massive military sea vessels and submarines blowing up and sinking all around them. As if they found themselves right in the middle of a modern sea battle.

Scott looks back towards her and can't see her anymore. He panics and tries to find her. He looks down and see's her sinking to the bottom of the ocean as if something might have knocked her out.

He swims down as fast as he can and finally reaches her. Looking back up its as if they have the whole navy sinking above their heads.

Scott looks around and see’s a small cave with light poking out of it. Carrying her in his arms he makes a quick swim over to it and in the last possible second manages to squeeze the both of them inside, right before a huge ship comes crashing down on top of them.

Scott realizes he's in a tunnel with light at the end of it. He squeezes his way through it as fast as possible pulling her along behind. He feels strange however it no longer feels like he is swimming down it now feels like he is swimming up.

He releases some bubbles from his mouth and sure enough they are going the other way now. He swims as hard as he can hoping there is a surface and just like that. They emerge on a coast line in another world completely!

Scott carries her to shore and sets her down on the sand. She begins to cough herself awake. Scott looks around and see's magnificent cities and flying vehicles. They are in what looks like a very large under sea cavern.

Scott looks back down towards her but she's no where to be found. He looks up and see’s her floating and radiating that bright golden aura again. This time she has perfect white wings like an angel.

Scott looks down and see's he has the same. Again they smile at each other link hands and fly around spinning in circles like two eagles. They fly spiraling up and up towards a blinding white light which opened up very high above them. They fly right at it going faster and faster getting closer and closer until they finally reach it and both completely vanish inside of it.

Scott can only describe the feeling as pure bliss and love like time doesn’t exist. Once out the other side Scott awakes to find himself clenching his pillow tight in his bed dripping with sweat.

Looking around he can't help but let out a big smile, what was that? Asking himself aloud. He feels great and refreshed, and his room smells like roses.

He feels relaxed, alive and more refreshed than ever before. Like he has truly woken up and all his problems really don’t matter to him anymore.

He looks down at his clock and the time is 12:30. That all took place within only 30 minutes of sleep.

He takes a shower gets ready, and cleans the house in time for his mom to get home. While taking out the garbage he looks down on his front step and see's a tiny little white feather. He decides to grab it and puts it in a picture frame on top of a picture of some hay bales in the sunset he took last summer.

He remembers the dream and more specifically he remembers her very vividly. He can make out her face in great detail. But what he remembers the most is the way the dream made him feel down to the deepest level.

He has never felt that way before and doesn’t think he ever will again. That was like a glimpse of heaven, is what he labeled it. He decided to name his dream girl Angel. ''

The way he felt around her was amazing. He felt like he had no worries in the world and not a shred of negativity. Just the thought of her brings him to outer space and beyond.

He sits thinking about his dream feeling more relaxed than he has in years.

Feeling incredible, looking around everything is glowing with an aura he can see. He can almost see the air and it looks like static electricity.

In a lot of ways he still feels like he's dreaming.

His mom comes back surprised to see him so awake and happy and the house so cleaned and tidied.

Scott goes and lands a jobs shortly after and enrolls into college.

Scott being the very deep person and over thinker who he truly is, thinks back about the dream often. He's the type of person who tries to see meaning in everything. He thought about the clouds and the left and right hand swiping, the two different worlds he was shown.

He remembered when she grabbed his right hand the second time and swiped over the clouds, a beautiful world came into light. He decided he might just have a special place down here on earth and that dream might have happened for a reason. He figured it came down to two choices: Go left and do nothing about the world or go right and try to do something about it.

Walking Towards The Sun

From that moment on he decided to always try and make the right choice. That’s what he took away from that part of the dream. Also since finding the feather he continued to look for other real world similarities or signs that related to his dream or path.

He realizes he's a smart man who only seems to care about the big picture of things and how to help out. So he decides to go to college for economics and psychology. He wants to make a difference and do what ever ha can to keep the world from slipping downhill into that dark world he was shown.

The way he see's it is. It might be a harder path requiring a lot more work. But hopefully the outcome is a lot brighter than taking the easy route and leave it up to someone else.

He figured he is at rock bottom, he had that incredible dream and has nothing to lose. Instead of feeling helpless and doing nothing he is going to make his life’s mission a journey to change the world anyway he can. Finally feeling like he's on his true path. He found a quote which inspired him right at the time he needed.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”- Abraham Lincoln.

He always felt like he wanted to do something big he just wasn’t sure exactly what that was. Having that dream made him feel special and gave him a well needed boost of confidence. He doesn’t know exactly what he wants yet, he figures he will figure it out as he goes.

He tried his best to learn how to lucid dream and re create that moment. He used sleepy teas and incense but nothing would work. The thing that did help him the most was when he smoked Marijuana, he would feel filled with creative thought and would even be able to remember her better.

Being legal where he lives he figures why not.

He realized when he would smoke only occasionally, and try to reach that Zen state like in his dream, all his problems would melt away and he would feel almost as euphoric as he did when he was dreaming. In these times is when he came up with his next moves and best thoughts. Being able to think deeper and more open without judgment. He realized you can do the same thing while meditating its simply about having an open mind and escaping your everyday mental cage.

He came to find there is absolutely nothing wrong with it being completely natural and the safest release on planet earth with actual useful qualities. He did his back research as to why it was made illegal in the first place. Simply a bunch of big business corporations trying to keep a profit.

He became an advocate for it and this is something he now strongly believes in.

Since that dream however his personality has taken a turn for the better. He is nicer a lot more confident, charming caring and feels very alive. Like there was two different Scotts. Before going to sleep and after waking up. Its like when he woke up he truly woke up.

Year after year, struggle after struggle. One thing leading to the next, by absolute fate Scott ends up narrowly becoming president of the united states. Somehow the doors would open right in time and it all fell perfectly into place like it was meant to be. The former Scott could have never done that. His confidence alone gained him access into high meetings and made him some high powered friends which in turn, turned around and helped him make it into office. Somehow this dream he had in the very beginning with a silent dream girl has led Scott to becoming president of the United States.

Remembering the rope part of the dream and the second chance. He figured in real life you don’t get any second chances. That is when he decided to always go big and live life to the fullest as to have no regrets. He always gave second chances however. He and his ex girlfriend became good friends and he even was able to see his dog again.

He believes in Abraham Lincolns approach, to make friends with your enemies.

One of the first things he ends up doing while in office is he makes marijuana legal on a national level.

Which ended up doing a lot more than he ever expected.

It generated a major economic boom which the government taxed. He than invested the tax money into the mental health/education department. Since that dream he developed a little OCD and always was looking for signs similar to the feather he found. He would always try to push himself to the max as to always do the right thing, so when he thought he saw a sign pointing him in the direction he needed to go he would run with it, at times running himself into the ground.

He realized, its one thing to have a Nobel quest, its another to have delusions. He got involved with the mental health department and realized its a very under rated subject in need of restructure. He decided while in office to revamp it and add mental health into the education department. To educate others on how important it is not to over work yourself mentally. He wants to help others maintain balance and open their minds to new possibilities. To have confidence to achieve their dreams and feel free. At the same time feel grounded and secure with themselves.

Hemp paper products replaced the majority of tree paper products and cut deforestation in half which ended up saving the environment and ultimately the world. It got the ball rolling in the right direction in a major way.

He made it a point to loudly lead with peace. He was never for big business he simply did what was right. Remembering always to go right.

He funded a side business venture for his brother who wanted to set up zip lines all around America in an effort to “bring the fun back”, Scott was happy to be involved figuring without fun things to do and a happy nation how can we have a content planet. He then started a campaign while in office to encourage more business owners to get into the business of fun. Scott wants everyone to feel as happy and free as they can and figures if we are not happy or having fun what is the point.

Since waking up from that dream he turned into a very strong and confident leader. Someone others wanted to follow. He would befriend his enemies and knock down walls.

He remembered the sea battle part of the dream along with the beautiful animals. He started a campaign to save the ocean and realized without a healthy ocean we can’t have a healthy planet. He made it a point to cancel all sea military testing and tone down fishing.

Scotts feels incredible. One day at a convention he meets a dazzling lady and they fall in love with each other. Her name happens to be Angel and she looks very similar to his dream girl Angel.

They fall madly in love with each other and Scott feels even more incredible than he did in his dream. This was real life and she was real!

They are instantly drawn to each other and complete each others halves. Scott looks into her eyes and feels true unconditional love. Someone who loves him so much it makes him feel absolutely incredible inside, like he's found his true place in life. Behind her eyes he see’s a never ending deep universe of beauty and imagination. The word to describe it would be pure love!

He realizes the real angel is right in front of him.

He couldn’t wait to purpose to her. Knowing that since their very first kiss and the very first time they locked eyes with one another she was the one for him. Feeling it down to his core knowing she feels the same way. After catching a late movie one night they decide to take a late night stroll on a bike path which ended up leading them to a bridge going over the freeway. There is a lot of noise and traffic. Cars and trucks going both north and south. They stop right in the middle of the bridge just the two of them under the stars. Traffic speeding beneath them, the winds blowing, its cold and loud. Still the moment felt absolutely right. Walking along holding hands tightly. The warmth of her hand warms his heart and he doesn’t feel the cold. He loves her without a doubt in his heart. Nervous but ready, he gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring which reflects the night stars perfectly into her eyes which are large and full like the moon.

Bridge to heaven. Her lips.

He gets up and they share the most incredible kiss in the entire universe. Closing his eyes embracing the love of his life with both their hearts pounding. Hearing the sound of cars whizzing past them on both sides Scott couldn’t feel more secure. Like time stood still and in that moment his mind was at complete peace and silence. Only thinking about this true angel and beauty he was kissing right here and now.

From that moment on a mature and grounded Scott lived life to the fullest loving his wife and life realizing everything he has ever wanted has been right in front of his face the whole entire time.

Everything fell into place perfectly like it was all meant to be. But he did have a choice and he made the right one. Now the future looks bright and is heading in the right direction.

One day he looks up on the mantel and see’s the little white feather in the picture frame on the summer lit hay bales. Above the picture is a phrase which reads:

"Head in the Clouds Feet on the Ground"

Scott smiles and winks at the picture thinking of Angel.

He thinks back once again about the dream. That dream not only got him going down a path which led him to Presidency, it also led him down a path which gave him all his ideas he than used to change the world for the better, and she never spoke one word.


(Part 1 of 2)

This story is just the tip of the ice-burg. Stick around for Part-2 along with many other exciting side stories to come!

What got me originally working on these series and this concept was a real life dream. I had a dream ten years ago of an incredible song I then called dream music. I felt Like I was inside a music video. It was multiple songs flowing with other songs to form one song with one message. As if they were made to fit together. Ten years later I recreated the song I dreamed of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llfGfTQyRas

A lot of real world breakthroughs and revolutions began in the form of dreams. Certain individuals who than brought them out and changed the real world to some degree. The periodical table of elements was invented in a dream.

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