Good Life Tour of the Harn Kien vU

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: This piece of artwork was one that I felt looked simple to the eye but difficult to execute. I'm no artist myself so I cannot say how complex this work was. Although I can say that the way you see it now in this picture is an entire different experience to seeing it there. What drew me to this piece was the sort of optical illusion that it created, especially when I crossed my eyes. There is not too much you can say about the meaning of the painting, but the way I see it is that there are rhombuses radiating and rippling out from the center if you stare at it long enough. It made me feel lost in concentration which now that I look back on it, was a great thing.

Design of the Museum: Shown here is me in one of my favorite parts rooms of the Harn which was the Korean Art section. I found the layout to be symmetrical and easy on the eyes. It was spacious to walk around in but not too large to feel lost. I thought the use of the wooden frames around the protective glass rectangular prisms to be an upgrade especially since they resembled pagodas. Although I am not Korean, I found it easy to relate the culture on display. There were some similarities and differences that I found comfort in since they remind me of some of the art on display at home. Overall, I think I am just a fan of nice woodwork on the floors and the frames.

Art and Core Values: This one is kind of a stretch but stick with me. I chose this sculpture as a representation of my core values because it reminded me of a large brain. The core value that goes along with this would be a mixture of curiosity, intelligence, and wonder and awe. I appreciate being able to feel those feelings anytime of day because it humbles me and lets me step back and look at the complexity and beauty of this world. It also helped me with any doubts when it came to my faith.

Art and the Good Life: This painting was one that really pinpointed how I imagine my good life will be in the future. I enjoy the man fishing and the women relaxing while having a nice picnic. It is a slightly overcast day in the mountains somewhere in France that I imagine look to be in the cool 60's. In the description, I found it very relatable that it is not one specific place, but a combination of ideal locations. In my good life that I'm pursuing, I too do not know how it will look, but I like the idea of piecing together experiences and locations to find the best one.

Works Cited:

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Works from the Harn

Images taken on my iPhone

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