My hero’s journey By:Ian

The party

I awoke on the couch of a trashed house faintly remembering the excitement and joy of the night before.

"You need to have some fun. Let loose." All my college freinds would say to me. Until finally they persuaded me to go to a party. That was the biggest mistake of my life.

I got up to the sight of red solo cups and spilled drinks. There was only a select people there. The good ones. The ones that helped clean up and put things back. I remembered them slightly the night before. The cute girl, Robin. The cool guy, Seth. The nerd, James. And me. When I got up it was already afternoon the next day.

" Hey you." Said Robin with a darkness of annoyance surrounding her.

“ Get up and help us clean.” I got up from the brown pleather couch in a deep haze.

The fog world

Outside I noticed a fog going around the whole red of the brick house. I knew we were almost done cleaning only sweeping, mopping and picking up trash and leftover cups.

” Hey guys what’s around the house right now?”I questioned as we all look around us and see it

” Oh my god. What is that?”said Robin...”It’s fog.”said a unknown gravely old voice.

” WHO IS THAT!”said James with a fright. A man in a wheelchair comes down a elevator that everyone thought was decoration

” My name is Eugene. I am the owner of this house.”

The monsters

“ Do you know what is going on here! Cause this is some freaky stuff!”Seth exclaimed.

“ This may sound a bit fast but we need to hurry come in the elevator. Quick!”The group ran into elevator with a dash.

“ In about two minutes monsters from the underworld will arise and will try to kill us. The monsters average about nine feet tall, are very skinny, and have skin made out of woven wool.” The group makes it to the top floor.

” Here is my defense post for these things. I’ve been waiting sixty three to fight back at theese things. Ever since my father died when I was eight years old. But no time for that. We need to fight back.” Eugene said.

“With what?” I asked.

“With steam.”

A plan

1. We take the steam guns.

2. We we get some cool gear

3. We go blow theese things back to where they came from

4. We save the world from theese things ever coming back

“Is everyone ready for what’s about to come?” Eugene asks.

“No.” We all say.

The fight

The fight was on. There was steam everywhere sweat dripped down all our faces and tricked to the floor. The monsters would get blasted with a high powered stream of steam, and then their woven skin would disintegrate into a massive pile of string and goo. We were fighting for hours on end: 1 hour of tiredness of holding the heavy guns. 2 hours, limbs hurt but the team still pushing. 3 hours, we thought the fight was over no more monsters would arrive.

We all took a break to rehydrate.”BOOM,BOOM!”. We hear crashing sounds in the distance. All of us take a step outside and to our surprise. A humongous monster looked down apron us tiny humans. We all rush back inside to grab our large guns. But the monsters hand swept down and picked me up by my lower half. The monster tried to shove me in his mouth but I struggled enough to get the group time to get the steam guns.

The only person who didn’t show up to help was Eugene. The old man went up his elevator to get something or whatever. 10 minutes the team shot the guns at the monster until Eugene got down with a 150 pound steam blaster. It took a bit to power up but when it was it did A LOT of damage. But at the same time the gun pushed Eugene back into his chair very hard. The monster slowly fell apart into a giant pile of string and goo. But Eugene knew that these were his last moments.


The whole world turned back to normal. No time had past, people moved, or damage done. We rush Eugene to the hospital. Within a hour they diagnosed him as... dead. The funeral happened a month after the diagnosis. We were the only ones to show up. But after I’m seeming to honestly be bored that was the most adrenaline I’ve ever had. Robin and I dated for 4 years got married and had a beautiful baby girl. Then I woke up from the party.”Hey you. Help us clean up.”

The end

This story is closely related to creepypasta

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