Logan By Jacob Olsen

It tells the last stand of the remaining X-men

Rather than saving the world, heroes find redemption

As one falls, another rises they say

This follows as the last act of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

This maybe the start of the new league called the X-Force

The X-men may have been super, but not immortal

This marked as Patrick Stewart's final act as Professor X

They were bound to meet the end seeing they've been on for a couple decades

Wolverine was in many wars, and then he fought until the very end

Only time will tell on how the legacy of mutants will endure

I actually admired the story of Logan's Final Adventure

Logan's actually dealt with tough times like I have in Reality

It's actually sad it was his final act, especially when it's the end of his life

Wolverine has been my favorite X-man, despite his attitude

It's actually cool that Wolverine had a daughter named Laura and that she'll live up to his legacy

I certainly hope it's not the end of the X-men series

Although, she wasn't truly his daughter, Laura did share specific traits to Logan

Laura may use the power more effective when she's smarter than her father

I was good to see Charles found peace of mind in the world until he died that is

I do hope the new mutants will live up to the X-men's Generation


Created with images by syren0071 - "Logan and Yukio final version 01 másolata" • David Armano - "Yesssssss #Wolverine" • big-ashb - "The Uncanny X-Men 114 1978 British Variant" • Keoni Cabral - "Belief" • PatLoika - "X-23" • BlackCat Nala - "Wolverine X-men 3" • PatLoika - "X-Force" • PatLoika - "Mutant Messiah." • Yortw - "Patrick Stewart Wax Sculpture" • istolethetv - "Wolverine 63" • charlesfettinger - "wolverines_USA_DARK" • Doug Kline - "Anime Expo 2011 - X-23 of the X-Men" • Doug Kline - "WonderCon 2012 - Wolverine" • Doug Kline - "WonderCon 2011 - Wolverine vs Deadpool"

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