Abraham Lincoln By: kyle larson

Abraham Lincoln grew up in a log cabin were he was born in 1809 on February 12. He grew in a cabin with poor farmer parents. He only attended school for about one year. When he was older he ran for state legislature in Illinois. He did though become nominated to be the president elect for the Republic party.

I believe one leadership skills that he shows is bold because he took many risks such as the Emancipation Proclamation. He also showed he could lead a country divided and helped end the civil war. As well Abe showed the people could trust him after he promised to end slavery and he did.

Some other positions that Abe held were a clerk at a store for a man named Denton Offutt. He also was a surveyor. He was also and officer for the military in the war against Black Hawk. He also co managed a store with William Berry but it shut down a little over a year later. He also worked with Speed and they ran a business together.

When Stanton said "now he belongs to the ages" I think he was saying that he will remembered forever and ever although he isn't alive.

Most of my information I researched from Google Classroom in Leaders in American History with Mr. Rubaylid. The rest is from History.org


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