The Jeff Aubrey croppi

Hi my name is Jeff I live in cloud land. I live with my mom and my brother. "Hey give that back James!" a.k.a. my brother! My brother stole my phone I was chasing him around everywhere. But then something happened dun dun dun !! I was falling through my cloud. how is this even possible?


Oh yeah I learned about how this works in school it is called condensation .I'm not excited to go through this. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! And splat I fell straight on the ground like I was doing a bellyflop! And when I fell on the ground I met a nice raindrop, her name is the Lilly.

Me and Lily

She looked like she was freaking out. I asked what was wrong and she said she was babysitting and fell through the clouds. I told her the same thing happened to me! We talked for a long time about what happened. When all of the sudden we started sinking into the ground! "Again, I mean come on again!" I said.

Random raindrop saying help me

So now we were going through groundwater Village. We have been sinking and sinking it feels like a long time. When we got deep enough we met some really-mean raindrops"! We tried to avoid them but they wouldn't leave us alone no matter where we went ! It felt like forever! We finally I mean seriously finally got out! "Wait? Are we seriously in the ocean...? Are you kidding me? Yep, it's happening, we are now I'm the ocean!" I said.

Lilly seemed really scared. She asked me what I think would happen next and if we would ever get back home! I told Lilly not to worry everything will be just fine. "Pretty soon we will evaporate back to a cloud." It may take us a while since we are in the ocean!" I said. Lilly smiled and said "ok good!" "This day feels like ice and fire, they don't mix well!" I said.

The Blue dots are the raindrops

"Hey Lilly" I said. "Let's make our way to the surface of the ocean so we can evaporate more quickly" "sounds good to me"said lilly! So on we went fighting through the crowed of raindrops to get to the top!

Me on a surfboard

"Finally we made it! Oh look my phone and surf board bonus!!!" I said! The next thing I knew we were floating in the air!! This is so cool we're evaporating!

So I decided to spend the rest my life 24 :7 on my phone.

THE END !!!!!!💧

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