the crepper man Written by Dawn Kurtagich; reviewed by Nia Vaughan

Personal Review:

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to feel like you are truly in a the book, walking, talking, feeling with the characters. The Creeper Man involves a girl named Silla and her little sister Nori. They escape to their aunts house and live their for a while. After a while, Silla starts to see things and later figures out that there is a dark soul named the Creeper Man, waiting, watching, wanting Silla's sister, Nori. She meets a boy named Gowan, he helps Silla and Nori get food and help them through the situation. Gowan comes about every day, and comforts Silla. They try to escape and get away, but the Creeper Man makes them stay. He takes Nori and they try to escape. Later on in the book, they realize that it was a dream and that Silla and Nori was dead because they starved to death. So Silla and Gowan and Nori spirits left. This book was amazing, it really gave me insite to it and i really liked how it gave little hints and cues to what will happen next. I really would recommend it. If you like scary books, it will be a thriller. I woud totally read it again.

These are a few items that the girls used to make the dreaded Creeper Man

This is clay, they used this to stuff to give the Creeper Man its shape and dimension
They used Black cloth to give the Creeper Man its clothes
These are Black buttons, they put these on the Creeper Man so he could have eyes
The girls used black thread to sew the Creeper man together
After they were done with finishing him, they said a "anti-prayer" and left him near the trees. When one of the sisters looked back, his legs were long, almost like roots

"At least with my father, the danger was out in the open. I knew what to expect. But Aunt Catherine is a different kind of dark altogether. The worst kind. The kind made from love"


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