Teaming Essentials 01.01 The most important decision you make is the people you add to your team.

The most important decision you make is the people you add to the team.


  • What caused the believers to scatter beyond Jerusalem?
  • Why was Barnabas sent to Antioch?
  • How did Barnabas interpret what he observed in Antioch?
  • Who did Barnabas leave Antioch to find?


  • Why did Barnabas choose Paul for the work in Antioch?
  • Why was Paul's partnership worth the time and effort that it took for Barnabas to bring him to Antioch?
  • They met with the church for a whole year and taught many people. Do you think that this activity is related to the way the community responded to the disciples there?

The rewards you receive from adding the RIGHT team members always outweigh the costs to find them.

  • Never believe the lie that you do not have time to interview EVERY applicant or potential team member. You do not have time to fix the problems you create for the future if you do not add the right person.
  • The best team member is someone who loves the "why" about what you do. You never have to motivate a team member that already wants to accomplish the goal.
  • There are many people who can do a job or fill a role. However there are few who sincerely love what you do. You cannot afford not to find them! Your goal is not to find the right person for a role. Your goal is to find the right person for the team. The right person will always fill the right role--or create the role you didn't know you needed.
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