Tommy's Eggs Little Men

“Look here, I'll tell you what I'll do. If you will hunt eggs for me, I hate it, I'll give you one egg out of every dozen. You keep account, and when you've had twelve, Mother Bhaer will give you twenty-five cents for 'em, and then you can buy what you like, don't you see?”

“I'll do it! What a kind feller you are, Tommy!” cried Nat, quite dazzled by this brilliant offer.

“Pooh! that is not anything. You begin now and rummage the barn, and I'll wait here for you. Granny is cackling, so you're sure to find one somewhere,” and Tommy threw himself down on the hay with a luxurious sense of having made a good bargain, and done a friendly thing.

Wrap the cream wool around the egg evenly.
Try to smooth the ends evenly where they meet.
Stab the egg with your needle repeatedly. Be careful not to poke through and stab your other hand. This will take time so be patient. Don't stop until your egg has a nice firm felted texture like shown on the side picture.

Red Poppies

  1. Tie a very small bit of red in a knot. Pull off any long ends. Use this bit as one petal of your poppy flower. Focus on stabbing the tails of the knot. As you do this it will secure the petal in place. Any stray fibers can be pulled over the knot and felted down. Be careful to not overwork at this point or you'll create a depression in your egg as the styrofoam is packed down.
  2. After four petals are in place, take a bit of black and felt to the center.
  1. Pull a bit of dark green into a thin line. Place the wool where you would like your stem to go and poke to secure. If it's too fat, just continue stabbing and it will become thinner.
  2. Add leaves and unopened flower buds.

Wild purple Delphinium

  1. Felt a bit of dark purple in the shape of a tall oval. Just place the wool where you want the flower to be and start poking. Wherever you poke is where the wool will stay. Fold the stray bits back over itself and secure.
  2. Now take a very small bit of light purple wool and add to random spots of the flower.
  3. Finish with simple stems.

Blue Flax

  1. Decide where you want the blue flax to go. Now's a great time to start stacking your flowers. I placed my main flax over one of my purple delphinium.
  2. You can use the same technique as the poppy flowers to make blue petals. Or, you can just use small balls of wool. The knots make a smaller more compact petal. You want the flax to stand out from the egg a bit more so if you use the knot method leave a longer tail.
  3. Add stems, leaves, and yellow centers.

Purple Iris

  1. The iris flowers should be on the opposite side of the egg from the red poppies.
  2. Start with the dark purple felting different shapes of color. Iris' have long pointed petals. Don't try to be perfect here, odd shapes are best!
  3. Add tiny wisps of yellow on a few of the larger flowers.
  4. The stems are grass-like. Add tall strait stalks and leaves.

Mr. Bumble Bee

  1. If you have room, a bee is a fun addition.
  2. Start with the yellow and form the bee's body
  3. Add black stripes on top and black antenna using the same method you used for the flower stems.
  4. Finally, add white wool to form loose wings.
  1. Fill in any gaps with additional flowers. I added another poppy and a pink flower under my bee.

You did it!!

We can't wait to see your eggs. Did you copy our flowers or invent your own? You can find more hard styrofoam eggs in our shop and continue making eggs. Imagine hiding these eggs at Easter time.


Created with images by Alison Marras - "White brown eggs"

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