"The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt" Tyler powell

The Spatial Experience

I had never been to a play before so i really had no idea what to expect as I walked into the theater. In all honesty, the theater was a lot bigger and spacious than i imagined it was going to be and held a lot more people than i previously thought it would. I was fortunate it enough to find a seat that was right in the middle and center of the auditorium so i was right in the middle of the action. My location really allowed me to see and hear everything well as I had good angles to see every aspect of the play. When the lights dimmed down in the auditorium, all of the rat chatter that was going on immediately stopped because everyone there knew what was about to occur. It was kind of a cool phenomenon witnessing the ceasing of all talking due to an outside event. "Place" owns a part within the good life because without the right physical place in your life one cannot truly be comfortable and cannot experience the good life.

The Social Experience

I was lucky enough to attend the Play with two of my close friends and pledge brothers. We were almost lat and had to run from their dorm room to the Reitz union just to be on time. As we walked in together we saw many other people we knew that were taking the good life, I had no idea so many of my peers were taking the good life this semester. I sat next to the two guys I came with. I believe sitting next to some of my closest friends during the play enhanced the experience of it all.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Within the time period of the play, Industrialization was occurring within American and also within this time frame, the Church played a much larger role in America than it does in current days. The church had influence over many institutions such as asylums, hospitals, and other institutions. The influence of priests was vast, and was usually reserved for higher members of society. With this knowledge, the character Talbot, who comes from a poor family that works endlessly to send him through seminary school, faces ethical and moral conflict as he attempts to live the "good life" his family is laying out for him. Within this play Talbot and many other characters must make devastating personal sacrifices in order to attain the "good life". For example, the Michaud must give up his devotion for Sarah Bernhardt and the theater if he is to become a priest. This relates to me personally becomes sometimes you have to give something up in order to be happier in the long run.

The Emotional Experience

"Katharsis" means to come clean with yourself and to those around you. This play offers the opportunity for its viewers to experience this sensation due to the experiences that the character Talbot has with him coming clean with himself. I related with Talbot as i sat in the theater and after the play. I thought about a lot of the aspects of my life and wondered if I had done everything the right way and that if i was happy with my decisions. This play really gave me the opportunity to see that i need to self assess my self more and see if I'm truly doing the right thing at all times.

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