Art In The Eye Of The Beholder A Day In The Life Of Jaden Holmes

Jaden Holmes, is a 21-year-old Sophomore at Sinclair Community College. He is a Visual Communication Major, who plans to further his education at another College Institution.
"My dream... obviously I just want to be able to design anything I can." Holmes has an eye for creative things. What inspires him is pretty much everything, from shoe designs, architecture, to photography, and even traditional artists.
In one of Holmes's Visual Art Classes, the class received their survey charts back. As a drawer, he uses his hand drawing skills to provide a descriptive view of Ohio State's overdoses.
Holmes always tends to take a moment to observe his craft. As an artist, he wants his art to be perfect. He tries to analyze what he could add, to what can be improved.
Some of Holmes's artwork pieces includes himself as the muse to create an illusional art effect.
Holmes, along with his friends, have created their own brand for their music and clothing line titled "Gem City Collective". As the mastermind behind the design, he used the 'diamond' as a reference to Dayton (their hometown), being the gem city, to create a meaning of them having Dayton in the palm of their hands. This is one of Holmes's artworks that he is quite proud of.
As a teeneager, this was one of Holmes's first drawings. It represents the life of an everyday, African American male.
"Anything artistic that includes art and design, I can just look at it and find something in it that I can use" stated by Holmes.
"TFOD" which stands for "The Future Of Design" is where Holmes currently works at, located inside the Dayton Mall area. Holmes started working at "TFOD" April 16th, of this past year. " I started working there due to the fact that in my career field, they want you to have experience in design. If I was to go work for Dominos or a fast food restaurant, they wouldn't care about that" he mentions. "So since they only want design experience, I might as well go somewhere, where they design."
"I enjoy designing and working with the customers. But my job is a whole...other story" Holmes mentions.
Question: "So as an artist, is the money also important to you?" Holmes Response "...Yes."
Question: "In ten years, where do you see yourself?" Holmes's Response: "In ten years, I'll be 31. I'm thinking I should have like a 3-year-old kid and married... And just designing as a freelance and job at the same time."
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