Letter From Jeanne by:nicole mancha

Dear Rico, how have you been? Hopefully your doing well.My family and i have gone through a lot these past months.I feel ever since my father was arrested and left me and my family behind its affected me.When we came to this camp I was expecting life like it was outside of the camp my family and I would laugh and eat together but everything has changed,and not the good type of change.
We all eat in different areas around the camp.People have called out for help in the camp which means we can earn money with the jobs their willing to give us.I feel ever since father has left my mother hasn't been the same towards me and my siblings it feels as if she ignores me which is sad cause I care about her.
Lately I've been paying more attention to the other people that are in the camp. I never realized how many different faces their are.Even though its tough at times its not so bad.Life in the camp is so different then life back at home, you learn things and especially how to care for yourself. The things we eat in the camp are different and new so you gotta get used to what they serve.
I think about my father a lot and how he played a big part when he was with us.I think when he left it not only affected me but my whole family.But I think you start to get used to the lifestyle inside of the camp, it has its flaws but its not so bad i guess.But I would rather be back home and have it like it used to be.Hopefully you'll write back and hopefully I'll see you around soon. Sincerely, Jeanne


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