How to Create Custom Fundraising Logos With over 30 Examples from real schools!

So many of our schools create unique fundraising logos to promote their event and we wanted to celebrate that creativity this year with a competition! We asked schools who teamed up with us this past season to submit their logo and enter to win a $300 grant for a big purchase, supplies, or something fun for their Parent Group.

We will announce the winner of the competition after the New Year. So Stay tuned!

Having a creative logo for your fundraiser has some real benefits:

  • Sets your event a part
  • Brands your event so students, parents, and teachers recognize it each year
  • Can create a fun competition if you have students and staff enter their own logo and pick a winner
  • Perfect for event t-shirts and other purchasable merchandise

Check out these amazing fundraising logos and gather some tips for creating your own custom logo for your next fundraising event!

Mascot Motivation

When creating your fundraising logo, you don't have to recreate the wheel. Start with what you already have: a school mascot! Using this illustrated element, create a fundraising logo that will get kids motivated to participate.

Here are some mascot logo tips:

  • Add your mascot image to a fundraising logo - like this example from McCulloch Elementary's Tiger Run (in this case they centered their Fun Run theme around their mascot, including the name & logo).
  • Get an illustrator or designer to edit your mascot to reflect your fundraiser, like this example from (i.e., adding tennis shoes to your mascot or getting a design with your mascot running/reading/dancing).
  • Create your logo as both a color image for printing on posters, announcements, etc., and as black and white to easily print on t-shirts and other merchandise.
"The online technology is fabulous. We love our personal coach and her guidance. And we ABSOLUTELY love that we are able to keep so much of the money that we raise." ~McCulloch Elementary Fundraising Chairperson about working with TGMC

Mascot Logo Examples:

JFK/AFM Elementary Move-Athon - Raised over $32,000 to pay for all of the field trip buses, all of the after school clubs, for every grade to get an “in school” field trip, Scholastic News for the school, new technology, recess equipment, planners and folders for the school, and “beautifying” the school!
Northwest Elementary Fun Run - Raised over $32,000 to build AN OUTDOOR CLASSROOM along with funding: assemblies, classroom supplies and support, folders for every student, free book for every student at the book fair, planners for grades 3-5, literacy in the classroom, field day, One School/One Book, and more!
Curlew Creek Elementary Move-Athon - Raised over $35,000 to support literacy, science, and arts programs and tools for students and teachers. Funds are being used to pay for items like FSA prep tools, musical instruments for hands on learning, reading tools to support classroom reading groups, and more!
Gulf Breeze Elementary Super Star-Athon - Raised over $59,000 for teacher grants, computer based teacher programs (IXL, AR and the Star reading program). Since they went $9,000 over their original goal, they hope to invest in more programs and add additional teacher grants. They are also looking into asset upgrades such as a new marque and additional play ground equipment!
Hammock Pointe Elementary went from selling cookie dough, candy, and wrapping paper to teaming up with us and hosting a Superhero Sprint that helped raise money for a new sign at the entrance of their school. They can now replace the 25+ year old sign and make it fun, modern and build pride amongst their 900 students!
"The Get Movin' Crew helps simplify your fundraiser. The website is so easy to set up and use. If my team and I have any questions, our personal event coach is literally an email or a phone call away. She is easy to talk to and seems like another part of our team. I highly recommend teaming up with The Get Movin' Crew! ~ Gulf Breeze Elementary
Harrington Elementary Husky Color Fun Run - Raised over $19,000 to pay for field trips, field day and extracurricular school programs!
"Our personal event coach, Brenna, is wonderful to work with and is always available to help answer questions. We love the many tools and resources that The Get Movin' Crew provides while still allowing us to keep the majority of the money raised." ~ Harrington Elementary Fundraising Chairperson
Lakewood Elementary Ninja Warrior Fun Run - Raised over $17,000 to build a covered walkway! They used the funds to upgrade the technology used in the classrooms. The funds raised will also be allocated for events such as field day, open house, teacher appreciation and so much more. They also buy jackets, shoes, and bicycles for the families in their school that are in need around Christmas time.
"As a parent, I love how easy it is just to share my child’s webpage on my Facebook and have friends and family in other states (or countries) donate! It’s also definitely a safer alternative to going door-to-door!" ~ Lakewood Elementary Parent
Maple Grove Elementary Miles for Maple Grove - First time teaming up with us and raised over $52,000 to pay for new playground equipment, leveled reading books, iPads, and teacher enrichment!
Schwarzkopf Elementary Bear Run - Raised over $38,000 for their capital improvement projects, such as getting one-to-one devices and also upgrading technology at their school.
"We loved the quick response by our personal event coach. Andrea was extremely helpful. The website was user-friendly for the families and it was attractive and informative." ~Schwarzkopf Elementary

Simple Symbols

A good logo is a combination of three things: Relevancy, simplicity, and relatability.

You want your logo to be relevant - it needs to fit your fundraiser's theme and fit with your school, including colors, elements, and any text you include. You also want your logo to be simple so that is easy to transfer onto posters and merchandise, and shared easily online via social media and email. Lastly, you want your logo to relate closely to your audience: the students! Make it fun, memorable, and don't feel like you need to be a Picasso to design a great fundraising logo.

A perfect, simple fundraising logo/mascot from Encino Charter Elementary and their Turkey Trot! Before teaming up with TGMC, they sent home pledge sheets and had to manually collect donations. After taking their fundraiser online, they raised over $44,000!

Check out these examples from schools who used simple imagery to capture their fundraiser and create excitement for their event!

Descriptive Design

Maybe your fundraising logo doesn't need a mascot or a symbol to be effective. Many schools simply use text and an eye-catching design to illustrate their fundraiser's theme. If you choose to go this route, keep a few pointers in mind:

  • Less is more - keep your logo simple and easy-to-read
  • Use 2-3 colors - we're not trying to capture the rainbow here. 2-3 colors will suffice for creating an engaging design (hint: use your school colors!)
  • Make the text the star - if you're not using imagery, make sure your text (i.e., the title of your event) stands out in your design.

Check out these examples from schools who teamed up with us this year!

Sharon Elementary Too Legit To Sit Dance-Athon - Raised over $37,000 (with an original goal of $35,000) to be able to meet their current PTO budget for the 2018-2019 school year. These funds help provide important programs, technology, grants, and materials for students. Sharon Elementary also feels it is important to build a Vibrant Community so these funds also help support Mentor Breakfast, Kids in Need Funds, Community Outreach, Culture Fest, Teacher Grants, Teach Appreciation, 5th Grade Service Project, and much much more!
School of Engineering and Arts Super Fun Super Run - Raised over $25,000 to directly support the STEM programming at their school, as well as pay for school clubs, robotics, free school events, and exceptional needs requested by teachers!
Wester Middle School Color Battle - Wester formerly raised funds through a Write-A-Check Campaign and by using Anython, but this year they teamed up with TGMC and raised over $33,000 to help fund technology purchases, school biology lab resources, teacher wish lists, school parties and teacher lunches!
Bethlehem Lutheran School Fall Fest - Bethlehem Luther School used to track all their donations using an Excel spreadsheet. As the fundraising chairperson told us, "It was a nightmare!" This year they teamed up with TGMC and raised over $39,000 for school improvements that directly impact their students, such as new hallway storage for coats and backpacks, as well as a playground facelift and a safety fence!
Aspen Academy Ninja Warrior Playground Fundraiser - This was the first year Aspen Academy teamed up with TGMC and they managed to raise over $56,000 to fund an Obstacle Course playground! Their favorite part of working with us? Our analytics that are readily available in our online system!
Westhoff Elementary Fun Run - In previous years, Westhoff sold entertainment books and raised very little money. This year, they teamed up with TGMC and raised over $25,000 for playground renovations and classroom needs!
Briarwood Elementary Fit & Fun Day - Briarwood used to run their fundraising event on their own, without the support of a personal event coach or online donation system. This year, they partnered with TGMC and raised over $12,000 cover 100% of field trip costs, supply and work on completing a STEM maker space, grant teacher requests for their classrooms and to spoil their teachers with gifts of thanks throughout the year!
Brent Elementary Grow & Glow Run
"We love the personalized customer service, ideas for a more successful event, blog full of information and ideas, and that we keep more money!" ~ Brent Elementary
Comstock Elementary Warrior Run - This was the first year Comstock teamed up with TGMC and they raised over $62,000 to be used towards student programs, classroom science enrichment, healthy living programs, additional school supplies, books, & technology, and school-wide flexible seating... as well as much, much more!

Bonus Idea: Student-Made Logos

Want to turn your logo into an interactive experience for students? Consider having a contest for students to draw your logo. The winner gets special recognition, a prize, and the pride of seeing their design on t-shirts and other fundraising merchandise!

Here are a couple examples from our schools:

Mill Creek Elementary Mustang Space Race
Hawthorn School Fun Run
Ready to team up for your winter/Spring fundraiser? Learn more about our online system: www.thegetmovincrew.com/tour
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