Fight Club

For this assignment, I created a fake Twitter account with the at name of @landis_sally. I used this account to pick a fight with a man named Blake Coleman on the topic of abortion. Having noticed his bio bannered 'STOP ABORTION' I decided to comment on the pro choice side of the argument.

During this point of the argument, @reallytolerant chooses to use the phrase "save the wales, kill the babies". This phrase falls under the red herring fallacy. He interjects this bold statement involving the lives of animals in comparison to the lives of humans. While the roots of this fallacy a false analogy, the way he interjects the irrational statement into the argument causes it to act as a distractor, thus falling under the red herring fallacy.

I then entered the conversation with a bible verse which opposes @reallytolerant strong pro-life view.

The next tweet @reallytolerant used involved the slippery slope fallacy, as well as the ad hominem (argument against man) fallacy. He brings up life support, sarcastically suggesting we pull the plug on anyone over the age of 85. He is trying to make an analogy between life support and abortion, all the while not responding to the content of the bible verse I tweeted at him. Instead he shrugs off my "use of scripture" and ends both tweets with hash tagging the word fool. This is an attack on me, the party he is arguing against, rather than the actual issue making it an example of the as hominem fallacy.

I know the point of the assignment was to lose the argument, but @reallytolerant stopped responding after this point. I was just trying to get him fired up, but I guess I took it too far.

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