Tattoos on the Heart Book by Fr. GregOry Boyle/Presentat by Seth JohnsoN

Chapter 1 God I Guess: This chapter is mostly about God and his actions. My favorite quote from the book is from this chapter, "The arms of God reach to embrace, and somehow you feel yourself just outside God's fingertips." (Boyle 25) This quote really sums up the whole book, it relates to all the gang members' stories. Especially in this chapter when it talks about struggle with faith.

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace. This chapter is named Dis-grace because Fr. Boyle meets with a woman tied up in addiction and loss of faith. She is just lost overall lost in her life. She recognized her shameful life by calling herself a "dis-grace". We can all relate here because it shows we all have struggles, maybe not to her extreme but they can drag us down. All we need to do is look to God.

Chapter 3: Compassion. This chapter is called compassion because Fr. Boyle goes to a prison and teaches classes to prisoners about God. He asks the question what is compassion, no one answers for awhile. Until and older man says "Compassion is God" (Boyle 62). We all can relate to this because God does have compassion for all of us in any situation.

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