Harn Museum of Art Mary Clare Allen

Medium of The Art

Old Man's Cloth

Old Man's Cloth, a piece in the Contemporary and African Art Collection, was the first thing I saw after entering the museum. This 192 × 216 in. (487.7 × 548.6 cm) display is entirely constructed of aluminum and wire. El Anatsui recycled and flattened the tops of liquor bottles, symbolizing the slaves' part in colonial trade of commodities and Africa's impoverished people who find solace in alcohol.

Design of The Museum

Asian Exhibition

A wall of windows onlooking a lively garden, framed by a warm wood structure set an inviting tone to the Asian Exhibition. After perusing through the museum, this room's abundance of natural light and inviting atmosphere was memorable. Collections of 3D art were showcased on the perimeter of the room, leaving open space for enormous clay and metal pieces.

Art and Core Values

Seated Buddha

This seated buddha comes from the Gandhara region of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the 4th-5th century. Although right arm has been lost, it would have its hand in the mudura position-- the palm facing outwards to symbolize peace and reassurance. Buddhism consists of core values of peace and selflessness; this Gandhara Buddha repesents Buddhist beliefs.

art and the good life

First Communion in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil

The "good life" comes from personal contentment and internal happiness; material items and status cannot lead one to fulfilled happiness. Although much of the world's population experiences poverty, people maintain high levels of happiness and continue to value culture. Salgado captured this image of young girls in an urban center in Brazil. Great struggles among the children were witnessed by the photographer; children lost their families to the civil war, lived in refugee camps, or were sent to detention centers for illegal immigration. Despite these struggles, the children displayed resilience in their cultured celebration of life. Even children found their joy within.

Created By
Mary Clare Allen



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