#SenseOfPlace Religious Architecture

Religion is as much about practice as it it about religious sites. I got the chance to visit each Religion's Holy site and here I am to share my experience with you!

Top right: Jagannath Temple(east), Top left: Ramanathaswamy Temple(South), Left side: Dwarkadhish Temple(west), Bottom Left: Badrinath Temple(north)

I visited these temples over the last 16 days, starting November 1st and ending November 17th. These 4 Temples, one in the south, north, east, and west, represent the 4 sects of Hinduism, each one dedicated to a god. If you are Hindu and make the pilgrimage across the country to visit these to Worship is considered a sacred journey to accomplish.

Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini

December 1st-7th: I spent a week in Lumbini learning more about the Buddhist Religion. Buddha was born here and the pillar(pictured above) was built for Him by, Emperor Ashoka, it reads in English, "King Piyadasi (Ashoka), beloved of devas, in the 20 year of the coronation, himself made a royal visit, Buddha Sakyamuni having been born here, a stone railing was built and a stone pillar erected to the Bhagavan having been born here, Lumbini village was taxed reduced and entitled to the eight part (only)". Visiting Lumbini, gives people of the Buddhist religion a sense of peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Left: Al-Masjid Middle:Kaaba Right:Al-Aqsa

January 3rd-24th: Prophet Muhammad said, “Do not set out on a journey except for three Mosques i.e. Al-Masjid-AI-Haram, the Mosque of Allah's Messenger and the Mosque of Al-Aqsa, (Mosque of Jerusalem)." I got a chance to visit these Mosques. Muslims around the world make it there life goal to obey Muhammad, the final most important prophet, and visit all the Mosques.


February 1st-7th: Jews believe that once the Messiah, the son of God, comes to Earth to die for our sin he will come back to Tiberias. What's ironic about this is when the city was first built, it was on ancient burial ground meaning it was unclean, but a Rabbi cleansed it and now it's one of the Holiest places a Jew can visit.

Church of Nativity in Bethlehem

February 10th-18th: This church was built over the Holy Crypt(cave or grotto known in Christian tradition as the exact birthplace of Jesus), making this one of the Holiest Sites a Christian can visit. Many believers visit this Church each year to experience on the greatest sites to grow spiritually in their Faith.



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