New Leader Training Welcome

A. Christ followers are called to stay connected to the Vine and practice loving God & people

B. The indwelling Holy Spirit is our power source, and abiding enables fruitful labor.

C. How are you staying rooted in your relationship with Jesus Christ where His mission becomes your mission? (Matthew 28:16-20)

Remember to...

1. Pray through who it is that God is leading you to invite.

2. People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.

3. Person-to-person contact is always the best.

4. Ask others to invite people.

First Group Meeting

1. Relax and have a party.

2. Create an open & inviting atmosphere.

3. It’s all about cultivating relationships.

Typical Group Meeting

1. Welcome | Create a welcoming experience. Whether it’s over a meal, coffee, or just relaxing, allow time for people to engage each other.

2. Opener | Light guided discussion or an ice-breakers activity (see appendix for a list).

3. Study | Vides series (Community: Getting Started, RightNow Media), book, or chapter of the Bible.

4. Discussion | Deeper guided discussion with open-ended questions that drive action steps.

5. Wrap Up | Pray after the discussion and cover any group logistics.

Engaging Group Discussion

1. Be a facilitator, not a teacher.

2. Ask open questions & steer group discussion.

3. Mine for success stories.

4. Encourage everyone to participate.

5. Manage the different personalities.

4 Ways to Multiply Well

1. Begin with the end in mind

2. Cast a vision

3. Identify & develop apprentices

4. Anticipate pushback

3 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Half-heartedness

2. Ignore the obvious

3. Micromanage

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