Texas Revolution By Seth Kribgaum

Key People in the Texas Revolution

Santa Anna: Was the leader/ruler of the Mexican's and started the battle of Texas by ignoring the constitution.

Stephen F. Austin: He was responsible for bringing the old three hundred into Mexico.

Colonel William Travis: He is famous for running the rebels of the Mexican government.

Sam Houston: The hero of the new independent nation of Texas.

Chain of Events leading to Texas Independence

Mexican Independence: Mexico gained their independence from Spain.

Battle Gonzales: The battle of Gonzales was the first military conflict between Mexico and future Texas.

Battle of the Alamo: The third conflict in the Mexico and Texas conflict lasting 13 days.

Battle of Golaid: The second military conflict in the conflict between Mexico and future Texas it lasting 1 day and only one person died.

Battle of San Jacinto: The last battle of the Texas revolution, starting and ending on April 21, 1836.

Results of The Texas Revolution.

The result of the Texas revolution resulted in various things, the Texans drafting and making their own constitution based off America's, it also made its own army and flag.

The reason the United States didn't annexed in Texas was simply because they refused to at first, but some groups wished it to be entered in said groups were the Texans themselves and U.S Congress did as well.


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