In Another Light an exploration OF infrared landscape photography

As with Black and White, it's a step into another world, another way of seeing, literally, "in Another light".

It was over eight years ago that Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington began re-exploring infrared photography. It soon became apparent that the way in which infrared photography was portrayed, was only a small way of using this light. This book shows some of the photographs from that journey and what was discovered.

"Even if we have the slightest amount of light, we can make photographs. There are also certain conditions in all genres of photography that are deemed as ideal, but we as photographers should not become reliant upon these alone, we should diversify and explore, freeing ourselves of any shackles of conformity, which more often than not, produce mediocrity".

In Another Light is a conversation about experiences in breaking new ground in the approach to infrared landscape photography, along with a celebration of how subtle it can be. Far from the typical infrared seen in profusion, this is infrared that accompanies traditional black and white but whispers a different message.

"Even though many approaches in photography have been around for many years, we should never assume that their creative growth has been exhausted and all we have to accomplish are emulations of what has been concluded before".