Session Prepping & Pricing Guide The Adore Girls 2017

You're booked! Now it's time to get excited!!!


A session with The Adore Girls is known to cause a significant boost in self esteem, confidence and all around sexiness!

Consider yourself warned!



Wardrobe is always one of the biggest questions we get...What should I wear? Here's a few tips.

  1. Think about what you are comfortable in. What makes you feel amazing.
  2. If you don't frequently wear lingerie, we suggest taking yourself shopping just to try on different styles, types and cuts of lingerie to find out what suits you best.
  3. Keep in mind that not all lingerie is created equal. One style might look good on one body type but not another. This is why we stress trying everything on to see what looks best and what you are comfortable in.
  4. Different ideas: bra and panty set with or without a garter and thigh highs, bodysuits, teddies (one piece), nighties, robes, long gown, tank top and panties, tank top and pj shorts, button down pairs with a bra and panty set or just panties, wide neck sweater for a comfy look, crop tops or low cut v-neck t-shirt. The list could go on and on.
  5. Add our signature sheet shots as an outfit! You can never go wrong with adding the sheets into your wardrobe line up. Nothing is sexier than just you wrapped in a sheet. Some clients are hesitant to add the sheet shots because you are naked in a sheet. Just know that you can keep as covered up as you like! Sheet shots always end up being some of the most favorite shots from the shoot.
  6. Try all of your wardrobe on before coming to the studio to make sure everything fits and you are comfortable in it.
  7. If you order pieces online, allow enough time so if it doesn't fit you can return it for the right size.


We get asked frequently about bringing and incorporating props into the session.

We like to keep props small and to a bare minimum during the shoot. We prefer no props at all but understand when you have something small of significance that you want to add in. Our studio is an actual house setting therefore the props must make sense. We want the emphasis of the images to always be on you and not a prop.

If you have numerous props to incorporate into the session we need to know about it prior to the session to determine whether or not your session needs to be a custom session.



Dream Session

Please arrive at the studio with no makeup on and your hair dry and free of any products. You will want to wash your hair the morning of or the night before and give it a good blow out, please make sure your hair is dry.

Mini Session

If you have booked the Mini Session and did NOT add hair and makeup, please arrive with your hair and makeup shoot ready. We do not allot time for hair and makeup prep before the session.

Try to wear loose, non-restrictive, comfortable clothes. Please do not wear tight skinny jeans or jeans of any kind, leggings or anything tight that will leave red lines. We do have robes in the studio that we will ask you to change into while in hair and makeup to let any lines relax.

Yes, you will look like you just rolled out of bed. That exactly the way we want you!

We will spend the first 15-20 minutes laying out and going through all the wardrobe you bring. Feel free to bring extra options! We will go through it all talking about what your favorite pieces are, what makes you feel best while choosing the perfect pieces for your session.

Next is hair and makeup! You will relax with a mimosa in hair and makeup anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

Our hair and makeup artist will talk to you about the look you are going for in your session. Some of our girls will bring snapshots of hair and makeup looks that they like, others leave it all to the artists. Makeup application for a photo shoot is always heavier and more dramatic than your day to day makeup.

Our artists stick around until after your head shots so you can see how it looks on camera and to see if you want anything changed. Once we have your final approval it is time to start the shoot!


Let us start this part by saying this, none of this is normal. No one lays, stands or sits like this on a daily basis. I don't know about you but I have never gotten on my bed on a Tuesday and sat like the picture shown here. HA! BUT you might after your session!

Like I just said, none of this is normal so we do a lot of laughing during the session. We have a little saying in the studio, "The more awkward and sillier that you feel, the sexier it looks". There really is no graceful way to get into half of these poses. We always kid that if the boys could see the behind the scenes of a shoot, they would see just how un-sexy some of the process is. The end result is always amazing!

Rest assured that we coach and direct throughout the entire session down to your fingers and toes. You absolutely do not have to know what to do and how to do it. We actually get into the pose to show you the pose and then help you get into the pose. We will then coach you with movement and tweaks to the pose to get a variety from it. We will do anywhere from 3-5 different poses in each outfit.

We also show you some images on the camera as we are taking them. This is when something magical happens. When our clients see what we are capturing on the back of the camera the response is usually shock and we get to witness first hand the confidence boost start to happen.


Before you leave the studio for the day we will schedule your time for your Image Debut and Ordering Session. This is an event all itself! Debuts are scheduled within 7-14 days from your session date.

You can choose to come back in to the studio for your Debut or schedule a Skype Image Debut and Ordering Session if you are out of town.

At your Debut you will view your beautiful edited images, choose your favorites and place your order for any additional images.

Orders must be placed at your Image Debut. We do not hold on to the full session after the debut. Only the images that are ordered are archived.

If you choose to come in for your Image Debut and your order includes an album we will design your album together if you have time. If not we will design the album for you creating a gorgeous layout of your images and send you a proof to review.

Payment plans are available on all orders. After the required $300 down payment, we can break up the remaining balance into weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments with a 12 payment maximum.


When an order is paid in full you will receive your download link to your images immediately with the Exclusive Print Release. If your order includes a Mobile Gallery App you will receive that immediately as well. Albums are placed for production and are back within 5-19 business days depending on what album you go into.

When an order is put into a payment plan we hold on to all images and products until paid in full. Once full payment is received we release images, app and albums.

You can stop by the studio and pick up your album or we can ship it out for a small shipping fee.



Dream Session

Hair and makeup, up to four outfits, complimentary mimosas, complimentary head shots with three free images with your order, direction and posing, gorgeous editing, Image Debut and Ordering Session and 10 digital images.

Mini Session

Two wardrobe changes, direction and posing, gorgeous editing and Image Debut and Ordering Session and 5 digital images.


Purchase additional Images at the Image Debut and Ordering Session.

Images are $100 each and includes an Exclusive Print Release for personal use.

Purchase additional images and receive FREE Gifts!

15-19 total images and receive your purchased images printed in a complimentary 4x6 Little Black Book and in a Mobile Gallery App.

20+ total images and receive your purchased images printed in a complimentary 8x8 Designer Album and in a Mobile Gallery App.


Purchase your entire gallery collection (every final image) and receive special Adore Girls pricing, our complimentary 8x12 Luxury Adore Girl Collection and more free gifts.

Payment Plan

$300 downpayment is due at the time of order to start the plan. Choose up to 12 payments due weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for your remaining balance. We do hold all images and products until paid in full.

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