Cambodia By Ethan Weever


The country is foun in the north and east hemispheres.

The country's that border Cambodia are Thailand Vietnam Laos.

the main city in Cambodia is called phenom pehn.


Phnom phen capital

Cambodia is in the temperate zone and is between the latitude lines and longitude 100*E 10*N

Important physical features

Dangerek Mountains ( height 2,470') and the Sung shang river are important mostly due to the yearly rituals held in those places.

the total population of Cambodia is 15,458,332 witch is a medium country. the population density of Cambodia is 86.84.

Cambodia's growth rate is a 1.63% and growing as shown below.

the five largest city's in Cambodia are Phnom phen, takeo, Shanoukvile


Cambodia is a more rural than urban.

Cambodia's net migration rate is --9. And more people are leaving rather than staying.


Cambodia is a developing country. The life expectancy in Cambodia is 71 years and a fertility rate of 2.8 meaning that the country is massively growing and fast. Witch usually means that they are developing with the low amount of 71 years.


  • The main languages spoken in Cambodia are Khmer and Cambodian French.
  • The main religion in Cambodia is Buddhism witch is studdied by about 95% of the population.
  • The color gold is used as an act of symbolism to signify enlightenment or protection and is often used in Buddhist rituals.
  • In Cambodia they use cultural textures to their buildings to add special meaning about their gods and goddesses. Usually used in monasteries or in houses to symbolize respect.

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