Launch to Tomorrow The Orlando Region’s Mission to Advance Broad-based Prosperity

The Orlando Economic Partnership (the Partnership) led a collective effort, engaging leadership, staff and stakeholders in the development of a strategic framework for the region's future. The result was Launch To Tomorrow, an ambitious three-year plan to re-cast economic development to advance broad-based prosperity for the region.

We define broad-based prosperity as a region whose residents live a meaningful life in a place where equal access to resources and pathways to success allows opportunities for all.

Our goal is to create a region bound only by our imaginations.

Who We Are

The Orlando Economic Partnership is a public-private, not-for-profit economic and community development organization. The Partnership represents seven counties in Central Florida, including the City of Orlando, and hundreds of the region's top private businesses.

What We Do

Through the power of our partnerships, we strengthen our regional assets and businesses, advocate for regional priorities and write the next chapter of Orlando's story. We are injecting fresh resources and perspectives while harnessing the strength of the region's culture of collaboration and innovation to create a new future for our diverse and growing population.

What We Believe

The Partnership is altering the perceptions of a region best known for tourism by reconceptualizing its economic future. We are leading the creation of a new model for economic and community development that challenges the status-quo and establishes a new path toward broad-based prosperity.

Why You Should Join Us

It's more important than ever that we plan for our region's future. By investing in the Orlando Economic Partnership's bold new vision, you are helping the region advance toward its collective goals, gain access to exclusive regional data and forge relationship with other leaders committed to our community.

Fueling Orlando's Opportunity Economy by Conquering Shared Challenges

The Orlando region comprises 95 cities and towns in seven counties, each with its own unique challenges and opportunities. The Partnership works toward finding regional solutions that address our shared current and emerging challenges.

  • Preparing for our growing and diversifying population
  • Changing perceptions to align with our diverse economy
  • Keeping pace with technological advances
  • Readying, recruiting and retaining a talented workforce
  • Enabling improved mobility and connectivity
  • Ensuring that opportunities are available to all through broad-based prosperity

A Bold Vision for the Future

We are prepared for, and dedicated to, shaping tomorrow. This manifesto is reflected in the myriad of regional initiatives underway from substantial investment in our infrastructure, business-friendly governance and collaborative educational ecosystem to our accelerated implementation of sustainable solutions and commitment to inclusivity. The spirit of innovation through technology propels Orlando forward.

Five Key Objectives

When developing the Launch to Tomorrow, we identified five foundational objectives as the focus of our three-year mission. These key objectives will serve to improve our region's competitiveness while responding to the needs of our communities, residents and businesses.

Strength Orlando's Economy

Create Targeted Jobs and Investment

Foster Our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Support Business Growth

Enhance Talent Pipeline

Amplify Orlando's Story

Change Perceptions

Tell Our Story

Advance Orlando as a Future-ready Region

Champion Regional Priorities

Support Transformative Economic Projects like BRIDG

Policies to Foster an Innovation Economy

Champion Multi-modal Transportation

Empower Community Leaders

Establish Foundation for Orlando's Future

Research, Context and Insight

Use Strategic Foresight to Keep Region on the Cutting Edge

Build a Brilliant Region

Enhance Autonomous Connections

Leverage Technology for Wellness

Build 21st Century Talent Ecosystem

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