Meet the Taylors #underthemagnolia

In your opinion, what makes Magnolia Green stand out?

There is something for everyone! You can usually find Brandon on the golf course, and myself running on the paths, the kids at the playgrounds and pools. We enjoy grabbing dinner or having a date night at the Grille, too! The social committee does an amazing job planning all types of events - family friendly, adult only, indoor, outdoor, all kids, age-targeted, etc. There is always something to do and people to meet.

What is your favorite social event in Magnolia Green?

Summerfest has always been one of our favorite events. It always falls on or around Brandon’s birthday and it is a great opportunity to enjoy the evening with friends.

Why did you choose Magnolia Green?

Brandon and I both lived in Magnolia Green when we met in 2011. We saw the growth in the neighborhood, and most importantly the sense of family that MG represents. Knowing that we wanted children in the future, it just made sense for us to stay here and grow our family. Seven years later, we are watching our kids enjoy the amenities, meet amazing friends and grow up in what will always be known as “home”. I can’t imagine raising them anywhere else.

Describe Magnolia Green in one word.


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