Photography Competition 2015 Scott's Hat Trick

The third year of our Photographic Competition began with a change of judges. Mike Winters was thanked for his support during 2014 and James Collier was welcomed as Mikes replacement. This presentation consists of the Winning Image for each topic along with some of the judges comments. Once again topics were suggested by the judges, and the final list was as follows.

People | Texture | Night Time | At Work | On The Farm | Waters Edge | | Happy Days | Derelict | Landscape | Colour | Urban | Bridges |

Competitors this year were:

Caroline, Andrew, Scott and Steve

January - "People"


"Several photographic techniques on show here make this a clever and very strong image". | "Technically accomplished to achieve clear focus on the central figure and strong monochrome contrast. This is a winner for me".

February - "Texture"


"The lighting is spot on and really captures the way the juice glistens on the fruit and accentuates the "ribs" radiating from the centre. A really strong image." | "Strong composition, very well executed".

March - "Night Time"


"Again a night shot of the moon but this time given depth and drama by the use of foreground elements and a very low camera angle all of which are enhanced by the use of monochrome". | "This is great, full of atmosphere and technically very accomplished. Shows a great deal of thought and artistry in setting up the shot. Almost faultless, definite winner this month".

April - "At Work"


"The use of monochrome enhances the subject matter and adds to the feeling that this is a master craftsman following a traditional craft in a traditional workshop.Well thought out and executed". | "Extremely accomplished, perfectly framed and full of detail and character. Captured a working environment in a very personal and intimate way, excellent use of monochrome to heighten the textures around the workbench. Wonderful photograph".

May - "On The Farm"

Three-way tie - Clockwise from L - R. Steve, Andrew & Caroline

"Good composition and the use of monochrome makes for a strong image which certainly answers the brief". | "For me this is a winner due to strong choice of subject and how it made me think about the action being captured and not simply enjoying the image at a compositional level". | "The simplicity is its strength and it is my winner this month".

June - "Waters Edge"


"The use of a slow shutter speed here gives the water a completely different feel, almost like a filmy material draped across the moss covered rocks". | "Not a particularly original idea but perfectly executed. Great movement in the water with lovely textures. My winner".

July - "Happy Days"


"My winner this month; it exudes fun and a joy of life and the out of focus backdrop and the bubbles enhance the movement and energy of the youngster". | "Certainly Happy Days in this picture! Captured the moment perfectly with lots of fun and energy. Full of movement, helped by the bubbles and perfect lighting. My winner this month".

August - "Derelict"


"Definitely hits the brief! The lighting really makes this and the metaphor of a setting sun and the derelict building that's come to the end of its life is a nice touch". | "I particularly like the scattered wood in the foreground providing a complex perspective that leads the eye in to the centre of the image and scattered lines and textures fitting the brief perfectly".

September - "Landscape"


"The V shape of the hills and the track leading up to the centre of the V make this a simple but very strong composition". | "Two things make this make this a winner for me - the lines of the path and valley drawing the eye in and the feeling of motion of clouds across the landscape raising this above a simple static countryside shot".

October - "Colour"


"Fits the brief perfectly. The flowers are very colourful anyway but the lighting and simple, light background really enhance this. My winner this month". | "My winner, fits the brief simply and effectively. Great pic".

November - "Urban"


"Throwing the foreground and background out of focus and the use of monochrome make this a very strong image and in a group of very strong entries; this is my winner this month". | "My winner, although a very difficult decision. The technical ability slightly pushes this slightly above the rest. This may have been an opportunistic shot, but the technique is exceptional".

December - "Bridges"


"A very well thought out and crafted image. The lighting and the low viewpoint along the railing give a real feeling of depth while the use of monochrome creates a very atmospheric image". | "Technically very accomplished image. The exposure is perfect and composition outstanding. Use of monochrome only heightens the atmosphere of the image. Another great selection of images, but this one pips it for me this month">

So, the winner for the third year running is - Scott.


Here is the final table of wins and votes:

Here are the topics for 2016

Candlelight | Beverage | Rust | Automobiles | Industrial | Animals | Sunrise/Sunset | Smoke | Rain | Delicate | Performance | Circles |

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Steve Gaskin
Scott Gaskin, Andrew Clarke, Caroline Gaskin, Steve Gaskin

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