Syrian Civil War By: Sarah waite

There are 4 main groups fighting the Syrian Civil War including Kurd's, Assad, ISIS, and Rebels.

Each group has outside supporters.

Kurd's: The Kurd's are being supported in their fight against Assad by the USA and other Kurdish groups from Iraq, Turkey and the Kurdish diaspora.

The Kurd's are fighting Assad so they can break away from his ruling.

Rebel supporting groups

Rebels: The rebels are being supported by the USA, Jordan, Gulf states, And Turkey.

The USA is helping the rebels by sending them secret messages of strategy to help them win the war. At one point the rebels were invited to train at the pentagon. Obama went as far as requesting a military strike on the rebels behalf.

The gulf states helped by sending the rebels money and weapons. Jordan was doing the same.

The Rebels are Fighting Assad in order to end his ruling.

Assad's Supporters

Assad: supported by Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran.

Iran is help Assad because they are allies. They are helping by sending daily cargo flights with officers. Iran also sends Hezbollah to help fight along Assad.

Russia is helping advising Assad to stop using the chemical weapons so there won't be a US military strike.

Assad is fighting to keep his power.


First Year (2011)

In 2000 Bashar al-Assad assumes the presidency of Syria.

March 15: People against Assad form groups fight against him

From March 23rd to April 26th: Many people were killed, this resulted in the rebel groups coming together on the day of defyance( May 26th)

From June 12th to July 1st: The Syrian government has issued a ruling for the army to have no mercy for the protesters

On July 10th: Opposing groups don't want to make any deals with the government until they see a change in how the situations will be handled including stopping the violence, and letting go the prisoners.

On August 18th: The president of the US joins the fight in support if the rebels and Requests Assad to step down.

From 2011- 2016

Early 2011: The rebels began to fight back. Because of Assad's poor ruling.

Late 2011: Members of the Syrian army have left the forces to fight against Assad and now call themselves the Free Syrian Army.

2014: Government (Assad) if fighting against the rebel groups by taking back Syrian Land.

2014: The US wants to take Islam(Assad supporters) out of the fight.

2015: Russia (supports Assad) is fighting the rebel groups on Assad's behalf.

2016 (September): There was hope of a truce between government and rebel forces.

Causes of conflict

Assad ordered peaceful protesters to be shot.

“the Assad regime has ruthlessly suppressed the Sunni population ever since Hafez al-Assad came to power, fostering conditions ripe for an uprising” (Gill)

The Assad rein grew to be a dictatorship.

The Assad family has been poor rulers and the country has lived in poverty and fear because of it.

The country did not allow the people to peacefully protest and this created a snowball effect which escalated to the Syrian Civil War.

Effects of the Syrian Civil War

“Tens of thousands of people have flooded out of east Aleppo since forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad began a final push to retake the city” (Loveluck)

“During Syria's 5 1/2-year war, tens of thousands of people have disappeared without a trace, many packed into overcrowded cells where torture is routine and death commonplace” (Loveluck)

The people of Syria are relocating to neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq. Now these countries are housing many and counting Syrian refugees.

There has been so much damage to Syria throughout the war, most of which is irreplaceable. Examples of this include, the depleting population and the lingering trauma on civilians. These devastating will be almost impossible to correct.


Just recently Assad Sent chemical air strikes on the citizens of Syria.

"two U.S. Navy destroyers floating in the eastern Mediterranean launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles toward Syria" (Malsin)

The missiles were aimed at the Syrian government.

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