Libya aLexander Lemieux

Libya is highlighted in green on the map
There is 1.4 Libyan Dinars in 1 US dollar
  • The official language of Libya is Arabic but Italian and english are well known through popular cities such as the capital of tripoli
  • 91% of the population can read and write currently
  • Libya is ranked 174 out of 176 on the corruption scale
  • The natural resources of LIbya are Petroleum, natural gas, and Gypsum
  • The form of government according to the leader Fayez al-sarraj is in construction
  • In Libya the average life expectancy is 74.7 years for men and for women it is 78.3
  • Around the age of 15 is when most kids can learn to read and write
  • 96.6% of population is muslim while 2.7% is christian
  • The population of Libya is 6,541,948 people
Libya has a very dry climate with a big desert interior.
One major "landform" is the Benghazi Zoo.
in Libya women wear the hijab and fancy dresses while the men wear robes and long shirts with pants along with the taqiyah (cap)
Italy colonized Libya in around 1910. They declared their independence in december 1951 the people declared it under King Idris.

The man named Sulayman al-Baruni was a famous author born in 1872 and died in 1940 he recruited the Berbers during the invasion during the young Turk revolution. Eventually he was made Governor of Tripolitania then after some time he was made prime minister

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