The Baroque Period By Abbie Moss


1) The Catholic Church with the inspiration of getting people to stay with the Church. They created art that was inspired by the Bible.

2) The idea of honesty and the focus of others enjoyment were influences in this time period that really made the art and music bloom and become so popular as well as the honesty and the use of everyday life.

3) The expansion of the world and scientific discoveries allowed for creativity, self expression and awareness.

The Crowning With Thorns by Caravaggio

This piece embraced the religious power of art in its time period. This image allows the viewer to feel Christ's sacrifice.

The Stone Bridge by Rembrandt

Images of landscape become popular in this time period. This image presents that as well as "still" and a form of everyday life.

The Art of Fugue by J.S. Bach

This piece of music was apart of the spiritual aspect of this period by the lines "Christ will crown those who carry His cross."

The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi

This piece of music had the aspect of harmony and the use of instruments. The song was played with four violins.

Advancement in the Baroque Literature

Madeleine Scudery (1608-1701) and her heroic adventure novels was one of the very few literature advancements of this time period.

The periods before and after.

Renaissance Period (1300-1600)

The period of the Renaissance had many restraints on their literature and were subjective to mannerist paintings and this was unlike the freedom that was given during the Baroque period.

Classical period OR THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT (1775-1825)

This period was different than the Baroque and classical period where it became focused on concerts and the enjoyment for others and not just ones own self. The church music began to become more conservative and the music became more universal.


I really enjoyed the art and music and all it came with during this time period. It was by far my favorite and that is why I chose this time period. I really enjoyed the spiritual aspect of the era and I could see how the art really would draw the believers to the church. I enjoyed the extravagant, colorful, realistic and rich in detail aspects. I also enjoyed the honesty and the way the artists wanted to make the viewers happy and not just themselves. This era really drew me in with its art and all of its aspects and that is why I really enjoyed learning about this time period.


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