Northern Star's Overdraft LOC Line of Credit - aka the relief you didn't know you'd need

What is an NSF Fee?

A $30 charge that occurs when you make a purchase that exceeds the amount of funds in your account.

NSF stands for insufficient funds

Solution: Overdraft Line of Credit

  • Protects Your Money
  • Helps You Avoid NSF Fees
  • Allows You to Build Your Credit

Quick Details:

When you a purchase that exceeds the amount of money in your account, we use the Overdraft LOC to pay the difference. This protects your checking and savings accounts.*

Once you receive your direct deposit, pay off the money you borrowed with your overdraft. This will help boost your credit.

  • Open an overdraft LOC from $500 - $2,500
  • Enjoy 12.50% APR
  • Only pay $25 each month you have a balance

Get Your Finances Back on Track

Apply online for our Overdraft Line of Credit (LOC) today.

Contact 757-487-3474 ext. 339 or email loans@nstarcu.org for additional information.

*overdraft line of credit only applies to checks or ACH payments. Does not apply to charges made with your debit card.